Five Top Intimate Luxury Wedding Venues in Scotland

If you are looking for nice intimate wedding venues to have a memorable wedding, Scotland is the place to be. Scotland is a global destination where people come from different areas around the globe to get married. The dramatic scenery, friendly people and an awesome environment make Scotland stand tall with a wide range of the perfect intimate wedding venues. Thousands of grooms and brides troop to Scotland with the hope of enjoying the romantic ambience characterised by lavish castles, five star hotels, as well as intimate houses and lodges. The good thing with having a wedding at Scotland is the flexibility of intimate wedding venues to accommodate couples with varied budgets.

A simple search on Google will instantly provide several intimate wedding venues in Scotland. In this article, we shall sample the top wedding venues in Scotland.

Cringletie House

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Set in a 28 acre piece of land with exquisite views, the house is located 30 minutes South of Edinburgh and built in the form of a baronian mansion which boasts of a 3 Rosette restaurant, as well as individual exclusive bedrooms. Guests looking for a beautiful view can also enjoy the scenic conservatory which opens up to a 360 degree garden view. Cringletie House is one of the most beautiful intimate wedding venues in Scotland owned by Jacob and Johanna Van Houdt. This venue has played host to some of the finest and exclusive weddings in Scotland.

Glenapp Castle Hotel

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This is the perfect spot for couples looking for a typical Scottish wedding. Glenapp Castle Hotel is a top venue spread across 36 acres of land. The hotel has 17 bedrooms that have been decorated with detail to ensure that guests have a memorable stay. The service is meticulous giving guests a home away from home environment to enjoy their wedding event. The level of décor used at this hotel is impeccable making it one of the best intimate wedding venues in Scotland. 

Loch Ness Lodge

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Located in Inverness-shire, this lodge falls into the category of intimate wedding venues with special 5 star facilities for guests. It also has splendid views of Loch Ness where guests can unwind while keeping their eyes busy on what nature has to offer. The lodge has been decorated with a contemporary design carefully fine tuned to bring out a Scottish twist. The colour combinations used on fabrics is simply amazing for those who love interior decor. If you are looking for a retreat and countryside setting atmosphere for your wedding, this is one of the best intimate wedding venues that should grace your list. The facility is owned by Scott Sutherland who personally ensures that guests receive the service to achieve a memorable wedding event. The lodge has 7 rooms whose interior décor theme is can only be described as ‘out of the world’.

Isle of Eriska

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The search for intimate wedding venues stops abruptly when you come across the Isle of Eriska. What makes this venue amazing is that it is located on a private island providing an intimate ambience. Beppo Buchanan- Smith is the owner and also an established hotelier has together with his wife transformed Isle of Eriska into one of the top and most intimate wedding venues in Scotland. The isle boasts of 24 bedrooms and a fully established 3 rosette restaurant. There are also numerous indoor and outdoor facilities for guests who need to change have a feel of both the places. Spa services are also available enabling guests to have an experience they will never forget.

Kinross House


This is arguably one of the best intimate wedding venues a couple can ever find. Those who get a chance here consider themselves very privileged as the facilities are compared to none. The lavish historic mansion has a rich history built on a property of a massive 100 acres. Everything is here; from formal gardens, pastureland and woodland, couples looking for a luxury wedding spot can choose Kinross House for their ultimate wedding experience. This place is for the wealthy making it fall into the category of luxurious intimate wedding venues. It is possible for guests to enjoy views of Loch Leven. Art lovers will definitely find Kinross House, the place to be.