GC Couture’s Indulgence Bar at the Bulgari Hotel London

Exclusive GC Couture cake collection

When you’re invited to a GC Couture Indulgence Bar at Bulgari Hotel London, you know something amazing awaits. We couldn’t wait for the launch of exclusive GC Couture cake collection and it turns out we were in for one very special night!

We had such a fabulous time celebrating the launch of GC Couture’s new collection. I hadn’t been to the Bulgari before, but it was such a gorgeous experience. We were treated to champagne, live music and a stunning display of GC Couture’s most spectacular luxury cakes at the Indulgence Bar before heading to Bulgari’s private cinema to see the collection launch video from GC Couture. Cocktails and popcorn in hand, we watched how this fabulous luxury cake company was built to where it stands today.

GC Couture's Indulgence Bar at the Bulgari Hotel London

What a treat to be invited to such a beautiful, exquisite evening!


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