Ten Compelling Reasons To Get Married In Stunning Italy

Imagine a spectacular backdrop of the glistening Mediterranean Coast, clear blue skies and a romantic villa with only your closest friends and family around you.

It’s easy to see why more couples are saying “I do” in Italy these days and choosing a destination wedding in Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast or the Italian Lakes rather than in England; and the weather’s not the only reason! Read on to see what’s attracting around 1 in 5 British couples to get married abroad.

1. Stunning Venues. Italy has an endless amount of sublime venues; from intimate luxurious villas to spectacular cliff top Hotels. Most have historical significance which adds to the grandeur and each with it’s own unique breathtaking views which are all part and parcel of getting married in Italy. In the UK you have to pay a premium for a venue in the country with views over the rolling hills but in Italy it’s a given that every venue will be in a magical setting at no extra cost.

Weddings In Italy
Castle In Castelfiorentin

2. Exceptional Cuisine. Italy is renowned for it’s mouthwatering food, from the simple dishes like Bruschetta to handmade Ravioli, it’s hard not be impressed with the food on offer. Equally, wine can often be cheaper than water so what better to compliment fine food than fine wine?

Weddings In Italy
Restaurant in Sorrento

3. Less Expensive. If you’re planning on heading over to Europe for your honeymoon anyway, combining your wedding with your Honeymoon can make perfect sense. Equally, if you feel obliged to invite your parents old friends who you haven’t seen since you were six, getting married abroad can help reduce your numbers. Less people means less cost for you on the big day and a more intimate, special day with only the people you really care about around you.

Weddings In Italy
Weddings In Italy

4. That’s Amore. Italy is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, from the architecture to the art, Italy is a magical location inspiring love to blossom. Italians are passionate and emotional people, if you are in love what better place to declare it to your partner.

Destination Weddings
Romantic Weddings In Italy

5. Warmer Climate. Unlike the UK you can almost guarantee that your wedding day will be mild and sunny. In fact August can often be too hot so your venue will always provide some welcome shade for your guests so they can sip their Prosecco and enjoy the gentle breeze in comfort.

Luxury Italian Wedding Planners
Relaxing Terrace In Italy

6. Guaranteed a Warm Welcome. Italians welcome foreigners with open arms and they pride themselves on being friendly and hospitable. It’s not unusual for venues to go one step further to make your wedding day that little bit special with extra touches and little gifts on your big day.

Grand Hotel Majestic
Luxury Wedding Cake At The Grand Hotel Majestic

7. Designer Touches. Style & Taste abound in Italy and it’s natural that it will infuse into your wedding day. Additional extras that you might not have thought about in the UK will seem the perfect added touch to make your special day and wow your guests.

Weddings In Italy
Restaurant in Sorrento

8. Get on your dancing shoes. Music plays an important part in Italian celebrations and you can source virtually any genre of music you wish, from classical to Hip Hop, from Opera to Jazz. With so much choice you won’t be able to keep your guests off the dance floor.

luxury Honeymoons italy
Luxury Honeymoon Suite Italy

9. Relax & Unwind. Sun, stunning views and fine wine are the perfect combination to instantly relax you and your guests. The small things that might seem like an issue in the UK seem so much more trivial in a climate like Italy and you’ll find that your day will run so much smoother when you and your guests are more relaxed leaving you less to worry about.

Wedding Planners Italy
Ambas Belvedere Terrace

10. Get your party started with a bang. Many venues in the UK are reluctant to allow Fireworks but in Italy they are part of the tradition and almost any venue will allow them. Imagine overlooking the Mediterranean Coast watching a spectacular display in the clear skies above – what a memory to cherish of your special day.
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