Gift List Must-Haves: Summer 2016 Trends

5 Star Wedding Directory invited wedding gifting expert Zsofia Jamieson from BLUE RIBBON to share her views on the latest trends in gifting.

BLUE RIBBON is a premier wedding gift list service offering an edited selection from 100+ luxury homeware brands. One of the most exciting luxury players in the wedding industry, and featured in multiple blogs and magazines, BLUE RIBBON is a UK Wedding Industry Awards nominee, recognised for bringing exclusive high-end brands to the UK market.

5 Star Wedding Directory: Zsofia, with your 10 years of experience at the NET-A-PORTER Group, you are well placed to spot the trends. What exciting new themes do you see in the high end homeware market now?

Zsofia Jamieson: Thank you. There are some several trends that are real must-haves for the style-conscious couples. One of the current favourites is the metallic trend. We are seeing a lot of gold-toned accents, both on the fashion runway, and in interiors.

Blue Ribbon Wedding Gifts

Mixing gold with bright, vibrant colours creates a real spirit of summer, of sun and partying – we simply love it!

Blue Ribbon Wedding Gifts

5 Star Wedding Directory: Green seems to be quite a big presence in these photos!

Zsofia Jamieson: Absolutely! Green and gold are key to the huge trend of all things exotic, Cuban and jungle- inspired, and you will see these themes playing out across major fashion collections. In homewares, they translate into green coloured glass, exotic animal tabletop accessories, and the use of foliage as a tabletop accent.

Blue Ribbon Gifts

Summer Entertaining

Summer Wedding Gifts

5 Star Wedding Directory:  Cuba, jungle, exotic locations – it makes me want to travel.

Zsofia Jamieson: There is something about summer that makes us long to take a trip, to explore and experience new things. A great way to introduce that theme at home is through books. Taschen and Assouline create coffee-table books that are a pleasure to have around, whether providing an accent on a bookshelf, or displayed on a side table. After all, what is a book but a window into a different and exciting world.

Summer Wedding Gifts

5 Star Wedding Directory: How else can you evoke that luxury, exotic travel vibe in your home?

Zsofia Jamieson: Smell is a subtle yet powerful way to add a chic touch. It is an incredible medium: your guests will feel luxury yet they won’t be able to quite put their finger on how it is achieved. It is all part of creating an overall mood, orchestrating a range of subtle notes. We love these Missoni candles: they smell as good as they look!

Summer Wedding Gifts

5 Star Wedding Directory: Everything you show me makes me want to touch it!

Zsofia Jamieson: That’s another secret to an inviting and welcoming home: introducing interesting textures which invite touch. Whether it is a metallic, uneven rim on your serving platter, or the interplay between smooth, cool marble and warm wood in a tray, or the relief pattern on your cushions, touch is what ultimately connects us to that object, and what makes us want to hold it and to have in our homes.

Summer Wedding Gifts

Summer Wedding Gifts

Luxury Wedding Gifts

Luxury Wedding Gifts

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Summer Wedding Gifts

Photography courtesy Holly Clark Photography

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