Have Wedding Dress Will Trash It

Trashing the wedding dress.  Alternative Wedding Photography

Brides no longer need to keep their wedding dress in a box in the wardrobe because the latest craze from the States is to Trash the Wedding Dress.

blankYou could ask your photographer to capture this unusual moment. I found that there are so many ideas on how to do this, from horse riding in it, swimming in it, paining with it, walking in the mud in it or setting fire to it, all of course with the photographer capturing this one-off moment. John Michael Cooper, a Las Vegas wedding photographer started this trend. John said that the trash the dress seemed appropriate because one of his brides was feeling pretty anti wedding after the whole affair.

Besides, she had no plans to wear it ever again despite the £2,500 cost of the gown Any UK photographers who also offer this service or would like to add it to their portfolio, get in touch with me so that we can make a comment in this post about you, and do remember to send in some of the event.

Check out www.trashthedress.eu to see some great and to read their blog. The  UK, Lovexposedphotography.com also offers this service.