How The Rich Get Hitched

Two of 5 Star Weddings’ favourite clients were featured prominently in Channel 4’s eye-opening documentary, How The Rich Get Hitched last night

Today it seems everyone is marvelling at the fun and fabulousness of the ultimate 5 star weddings… How The Rich Get Hitched  premiered on Channel 4 last night, and featured some of our favourite 5 Star Weddings suppliers, elite dress maker Caroline Castigliano, and artisan wedding planner Bruce Russell.

Caroline revealed the extent to which her clients strive to achieve the perfect wedding dress for them, down to the very last detail; whether it’s silk that costs hundreds of pounds per metre, or multiple thousands of hand stitched beads… One of Caroline’s clients matched the Duchess of Cambridge penny for penny, with a gorgeous gown with a price tag of £40,000. Caroline points out that the dress is the thing women daydream about, so when money is no object – why scrimp on the important things?

Another client, Kashmir, was so thrilled with her Castigliano gown that she and her husband-to-be commissioned a £75,000 portrait of the bride in her dress. The stunning painting was unveiled during a party at Castigliano HQ in Knightsbridge, featured in the documentary.

How The Rich Get Hitched

Viewers were also treated to a tour of the iconic Savoy Hotel, by resident wedding planner Bruce Russell. Some of the world’s most incredible weddings happen here, and Bruce is the man who makes them happen. Weddings at the legendary London hotel can set brides and grooms back at least £70,000 for 300 guests, and a night in the Royal Suite starts at £10,000 – but it does come with its own butler…

Did you see How The Rich Get Hitched? If you missed the glamorous spectacle, catch up now on 4 On Demand.