How To Get A Good Night Sleep Before The Wedding

I remember the night before my wedding I found it very difficult to relax, unwind and to fall asleep with the thought of my big day soon approaching.

With this in mind, I wanted to write a few tips on how I like to relax before bed now, this is what I should have done the night before my wedding!

Luxury Eye Mask

eye mask

I have found the ultimate eye mask, the WildFox eye mask is a super soft eye mask that feels like satiny silk and cuts out all traces of light in the room. They have two designs one with cute eyelashes and one with lets sleep in. These would be perfect to take on the plane on your honeymoon if you are traveling on a long haul flight.

Light A Candle

jo malone

Another relaxing ritual I like to do is light a candle, I have a few candles, but before bed one of my favourites has to be Jo Malone in Lavender & Lovage. This smells of crisp white sheets and has the comfort of lavender linen ever so clean and relaxing.

Relaxing Room Spray

molton brown

If you have read my July monthly favourites you may have seen my love for the Molton Brown Relazing Yuan Zhi Ambiente. I am addicted to this smell at the moment it is wonderful, I spray my bedroom and my pillow when I get into bed and it relaxes me and I just drift of to sleep.

Body Cream


If I could eat one body creme, and dive into a body creme it would be this one! Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Soufflé Body Crème.

After a lovely hot bath, nothing gives me more pleasure than to moisturise with this luxurious fragrant creme. It leaves my skin baby soft, a little goes a long way and definitely worth the investment.

Herbal Tea


Choose a herbal tea that you enjoy, I love Chamomile and my favourite one is by Teapigs. These are far better than the camomile teabags from other brands because the are shaped in a pyramid and they have a totally different taste. I feel instantly calm when drinking it, and from a beautiful china cup also helps!

Ear Plugs

ear plug

These ear plugs are incredible at blocking out sounds such as music playing at the hotel where you are staying. They are very soft silicone, and you do not feel like they are in your ears.

  • Please do leave a comment and let me know if you have any tips or if you found this useful.