How To Select Your Bridal Jewellery With Sara Hartley

Sara Hartley shares some wonderful tips and advice on how to select your bridal jewellery. Sara is a leading London jeweller and studied at Sir John Cass University.  Sara graduated in 1996 and has been creating many very successful ranges of jewellery ever since from her central London studio. Her most notable commission to date was a pair of earrings worn by Halle Berry in the James Bond production, Die Another Day.

5 Star Weddings: Why did you start your own label?

Sara Hartley: I loved the idea of working for myself, being my own boss and making my own decision. After leaving university I did an apprenticeship for another well-known jeweller, she made it look so easy, I thought…why not give it a go….I’ve never looked back

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5 Star Weddings: What inspires you?

Sara Hartley: Small things… I’m very inspired by the natural world around me, I love organic shapes. More recently it has been my children that have inspired me the most.

5 Star Weddings: Which jewellery style have you admired in any recent celebrity weddings?

Sara Hartley:  I thought Keira Knightly’s wedding was beautiful and elegant. Her dress had a gorgeous necklace line for jewellery

5 Star Weddings: What do you enjoy best about undertaking jewellery commissions?

Sara Hartley:  The one on one experience with the client is what I really enjoy. I give a very personal touch to what I design, I either design a piece with the client or I help find a design that they have been looking for but can’t find. It’s making a dream come true, each commission is different.

Quite often I make the engagement ring, followed by the wedding bands and then the eternity ring once a baby has come along, so there really is a personal closeness from that side of the business.

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5 Star Weddings:  What inspired your engagement ring and wedding ring collection?

Sara Hartley:  I was inspired by the waves of the sea for my ring collection. I wanted to create an engagement and wedding ring that was slightly unusual, but still a timeless classic.

Bespoke Bridal Gifts
Bespoke Bridal Gifts

Sara Hartley: I design and hand make all the jewellery in the UK. I’m still an old fashion girl with a sketchbook and pen.

5 Star Weddings: What is your favourite metal to work with?

Sara Hartley: 18ct Yellow Gold is my favourite, it’s soft and delicate to work with. And I love the polished finish of the yellow

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Platinum, Diamond Set, Triple Ring £3,500.00

Sara Hartley:  To enjoy every minute and not to worry about the last minute things, it goes by so fast. There may be things you think you’ll worry about, but in reality, you’ll not have time to stress.

  • 5 Star Weddings: Are there any precious stones or jewellery a bride should wear to bring good luck on her wedding day and what should she avoid?

Sara Hartley: Rose Quartz, is supposed to be the stone of love, marriage and universal love or an Emerald, preserves love, faithfulness and luck in love, lots of others I am sure, but I am not a strong believer in the power of stones, more in the power of personalities. Communication is the key to a good marriage in my book.

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18ct Yellow Gold, Double Ring w/ 0.5ct Diamond £3,500.00
  • 5 Star Weddings: In your opinion what makes a 5-star wedding?

Sara Hartley: The People.

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