Hair Highs And Lows At The Oscars 2014

Celebrity and royal hairdresser, Richard Ward gives us his “hair highs and hair lows” from the Oscars 2014.  Richard picks out four female celebrities; two who got it right in the hair department and two who got it wrong.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Oscars 2014

For me, Sandra’s hair is absolutely spot on. Her hair colour is a beautifully rich, glossy chocolate hue which really complements her skin tone, and her hair is styled with 1950’s inspired tumbling waves, which are draped over her right shoulder. The finished style is set off with a deep side parting, which is very on trend, and a slight side fringe, which is highlighted with a tiny hint of colour. The complete look is very polished, impeccably finished and works well with her dress.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett Oscars 2014

Both Cate’s hair style and colour are absolutely stunning; her style is very simple, which goes to show that less is always more, especially when teamed with such a ‘busy’ dress. Her colour blends both rich and creamy buttery tones which work beautifully with her colouring. The style is very of the moment with its soft waves and deep parting, and I love the ‘tucked behind the ear’ finish which really works to bring the whole look together.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Oscars 2014

Julia’s colour really doesn’t work for me at all. It looks very ‘patchy’ and far too blonde for her skin tone. Saying that, her style was great; she wore a low slung chignon which wasn’t as structured as the styles that we saw at last year’s event. The finish style also showcased a beautiful detail at the back which complements the detail in her dress.
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2014

I’m afraid that I really disliked Jennifer’s colour. It has almost a zebra pint streakiness to it – something that my staff spend time trying to correct in the salon! Personally, I would have liked to have seen her with a much softer colour combination; but instead, it looks like she has some very basic highlights, chunky.