Wedding Ice Sculpture For Your Big Day

It is their hard work and dynamic ideas that keep them number one in the industry and winning amazing awards. They are market makers, once a small ice-cube supplier to the catering industry-now creating life-size houses, cars, pubs, anything one could dream of. In fact, they normally go two steps further than their client’s dreams.

Giving them several options; what they’ve asked for, a ‘souped-up’ version of what they want and a completely over the top version. Half of the clients tend to go for the latter simply because these ideas had never crossed their minds.

The Ice Box now describes what they do as ‘STUFF with ice’. Ice sculpture tends to conjure up of traditional carved swans or dolphins … but the truth is the market is moving towards more contemporary & innovative creations and this is something they specialise in.

Ice Bar by The Ice Box

Ice bars have been popular with the corporate market for several years, and the wedding market is now catching on. Add ice poser tables or sculpture features, together with ice shot glasses and bottle chillers and you have the ingredients for a fun, yet chilled-out reception.

The Ice Box offers a limitless range of designs, the most popular for weddings being an ice tablet with the couple’s names and date of their wedding engraved, surrounded by an intricate pattern etched into the clear ice.

Clients often think that bespoke pieces are more expensive, but this isn’t always the case. Most ice sculptures are now cut by computer-driven machines, surprisingly enough, using the same software used to design wedding rings. This is how the perfect detail and uniformity is achieved, and also makes it simple to personalise designs.

ice sculpture
Ice Curtain by The Ice Box

In 2006 Ice Box was employed by a Canadian company to design & install an almost life-size ice sleigh, ice obelisks & an ice curtain for a high-profile wedding in Banff, Canada. The Ice Curtain is still one of the most awe-inspiring ‘sculptures’ we make. Hundreds of hand-carved ice beads are suspended in wire strands, then up lit with powerful colour changing lights. Most people don’t realise it is nice when they first see it and are amazed once they discover it’s real.

The temporary nature of ice elevates any event and reaffirms the importance of savouring every moment.