Illuminating Yellow Diamonds By Harry Kotlar

Establishing a six decade tradition in the craft of beauty, art and perfection, Harry Kotlar is recognized as a premier jewelry brand specializing in the field of intricately crafted masterpieces and quality handcrafted jewelry.

Shying away from the mass market approach, each Harry Kotlar piece is hand-crafted using no computer-aided design technology or casting, truly making each piece a one-of-a kind masterpiece. Throughout the production process of each jewel, one key contact ensures the quality, craftsmanship and design aesthetic at each stage of production.

Sunset Bellini Collection.

Discover the Sunset Bellini, an arrangement of yellow diamond jewels only comparable to the sun’s chromatic sunset. Harry Kotlar’s Illuminating yellow diamonds gleam through various jewels including bracelets, earring, pendants, and diamond rings.

While you cannot gift her with the striking rays of the glorious sun, gift her with the next best thing, a Harry Kotlar yellow diamond jewel.

Harry KotlarUndulating rows of pave intertwine with marquise cut diamonds for a Harry Kotlar ring that is the ultimate in elegance.

Harry Kotlar

A yellow stone glows from the center of stunning Harry Kotlar platinum setting as though lit from within. An elegant bright spot is surrounded by haloes of pave and micro pave warms up the sparkle of the amazing center stone.

Harry Kotlar

Just as a couple meets at the ceremony, two rows of pave diamonds march down the band to come together as one with a three-stone setting representing past, present and future with a radiant cut diamond in yellow gold nestled between two smaller stones set in platinum in this magnificent Harry Kotlar ring.

Harry Kotlar

Sparkling as though lit from within, this pretty diamond is sure to make a Harry Kotlar statement with split pave shank nearly covering the band and creating a halo around the Kotlar cushion, accented by delicate rows of pave.

Harry Kotlar

This Harry Kotlar three-stone ring is set off with a delicate platinum shank to allow the unique setting to steal the focus. A coveted Kotlar cushion set in a subtle yet ornate yellow gold setting is nestled between two smaller stones set in platinum.