Insider Interview – Tomas De Bruyne

Master of Floral Experiences Worldwide

We’re delighted that Tomas De Bruyne graciously took time out of his bustling schedule to join us for this interview. As a luminary in the floral design industry, his insights promise to illuminate and inspire. We’re genuinely grateful for the opportunity to delve into his expertise and learn from his remarkable journey.

Insider Interview Tomas De Bruyne
Insider Interview Tomas De Bruyne

In the historic city of Bruges, Belgium, Tomas De Bruyne emerges as a visionary in the floral design industry. As the founder of Tomas De Bruyne Floral Experiences, He transcends traditional floral arrangements worldwide, crafting experiences that weave colour, texture, and emotion into unforgettable narratives. His belief in the transformative power of flowers has guided his journey from a passionate enthusiast to an internationally celebrated designer and educator.

Insider Interview Tomas De Bruyne

With a career that spans over two decades, Tomas has adorned exclusive events worldwide; his work symbolises the pinnacle of elegance and creativity. Beyond his breathtaking installations, Tomas is a prolific author and a dedicated mentor sharing.

Q 1. Could you share how you began your journey in the luxury floral & design industry?

My journey into the luxury floral and design industry is a tale of passion and meeting opportunity. It all began in 2016 when I received a prestigious invitation to speak at an Indian symposium, ICWF, renowned for celebrating excellence in events.

My lecture’s theme given to me was ‘The Alchemy of Beauty,’ which perfectly encapsulated my approach to floral design. Instead of simply arranging flowers, I create from a conceptual mindset akin to alchemy. This perspective earned me the endearing titles of the alchemist or the Poet of the floral design industry.

Insider Interview Tomas De Bruyne

Rather than delivering a conventional lecture, I chose to immerse myself in the intricate language of design. I wanted to show how the art of floral design isn’t just about combining flowers but about orchestrating a symphony of elements to evoke emotions and create unforgettable experiences. This unconventional approach initially faced scepticism, but I remained undeterred. I believed there were like-minded individuals in the audience—event planners and scenographic designers—ready to embrace this discourse.

Insider Interview Tomas De Bruyne

Six months later, my belief was validated when I was entrusted with decorating one of the most significant weddings in India that year. It was a testament to the impact of my talk and the belief that others had in my vision. This opportunity marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey into grand events, setting new standards for my work in the industry and inspiring me to elevate my craft continually.

Q 2. Can you tell us about one of the stand-out wedding designs you have created?

One of the most monumental projects I’ve had the privilege to work on was the Ambani family wedding, one of the biggest Indian weddings. It was a project of unparalleled scale and complexity, demanding the utmost creativity, skill, and attention to detail. Tasked with adorning this grand event, I was presented with a challenge unlike any other.

The sheer magnitude of the project was staggering—over one million flowers, 400 florists, and weeks of meticulous preparation on-site. It was a monumental undertaking, but the satisfaction of delivering a successful outcome was immeasurable. The appreciation and respect from the client and wedding planner, Mrs. Vandana Moha, reaffirmed the significant value we added to their event.

This project underscored the importance of effective communication, collaboration, and adaptability in achieving success in our field. It also highlighted the evolving nature of our industry, where being a talented designer is no longer sufficient. Today, we must possess engineering, styling, and innovative design skills to stand out.

Q 3. Where do you typically find inspiration when designing a wedding?

Inspiration for my designs is not limited to flowers; it’s drawn from every facet of life. True creativity knows no bounds and can be found in the most unexpected places. Whether it’s the intricate patterns of nature, the innovative endeavours of humanity, or the mysteries of the unknown, inspiration surrounds us.

Insider Interview Tomas De Bruyne

For example, I once found inspiration in something as unconventional as coal, not for its traditional utility but for its unique aesthetic qualities. Its smooth, reflective texture served as a stunning backdrop for an event in Moscow, embodying simplicity and elegance. This ability to reimagine elements from their traditional uses to new, expressive purposes is at the heart of creativity.

Q 4. What advice would you give to those starting in the wedding industry?

My advice for those embarking on a journey in the wedding industry is simple yet profound: find your passion and pursue it relentlessly. Identify your niche and specialize in an area where your talents genuinely shine. Joy, passion, talent, and skills
are the fuel that will propel you forward on your journey.

Insider Interview Tomas De Bruyne

Build strong and genuine relationships with industry peers, prioritize quality over quantity, and stay current with trends. But above all, find joy in your work and never lose sight of your creative vision. Remember, success in this dynamic and rewarding field comes not from the size of your business but from the value you provide to your
clients and yourself.

Q 5. What is your favourite part of working in the wedding and event industry?

Personally, what captivates me most is immersing myself in the creative process. Crafting narratives through design and witnessing their culmination is akin to deciphering the language of design. Each event is a testament to our collective achievement, a moment of profound fulfilment.

Q 6. What are your go-to indulgences when you treat yourself, and how do you unwind and relax after a busy day?

Treating oneself is essential amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. I find solace in simple pleasures and rejuvenate my spirit by indulging in them. These small indulgences bring me immense joy and relaxation, whether enjoying a leisurely walk in nature, savouring a cup of coffee, or losing myself in an excellent book to learn from.

Insider Interview Tomas De Bruyne

But self-care goes beyond physical indulgences; it’s also about nourishing the soul. Taking time to reflect and connect with loved ones is equally important. It’s about finding balance and prioritizing genuine self-love in a world of distractions.

Q 7. What are your goals or aspirations for the future?

My aspirations transcend mere professional success; they revolve around creating meaningful experiences and making a positive impact in the lives of others. I’m committed to a value-driven approach in my business endeavours, collaborating with exceptional clients and expanding my creative horizons.

But beyond that, I aspire to create cherished memories and foster genuine connections with those around me. Life is a journey of growth and learning, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

 Q 8. What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

At the outset of my career, a seasoned business friend offered me advice that became my beacon: the importance of commitment, dedication, and perseverance, rooted in a deep belief in oneself. This wasn’t merely advice but a guiding principle, teaching me that success is forged through relentless pursuit and resilience.

Insider Interview Tomas De Bruyne

This wisdom emphasized embracing challenges as opportunities and viewing setbacks as lessons, instilling a mindset of continuous growth. It highlighted that success is propelled by goals and a steadfast belief in one’s capabilities and the infinite possibilities ahead.

This early counsel has been a guiding light, reinforcing that dedication and self-belief are limitless in what can be achieved. It remains a cornerstone of my philosophy, reminding me that the essence of true progress lies in the power of perseverance and unwavering commitment.

Q 9. If you could invite any three people, living or dead, to a dinner party, who would you choose and why?

This question presents a fascinating opportunity to delve into the minds of those who have inspired me. If I had to choose three individuals to learn from, I’d opt for those who have experienced profound joy in their respective fields.

For spiritual enlightenment, I’d seek guidance from OSHO, whose teachings have profoundly influenced my perspective on life.

Insider Interview Tomas De Bruyne

When embracing life’s richness in entertainment, laughter, business, and joy, I’d be eager to glean wisdom from various individuals, each excelling in their domain. Let’s refer to them as Mr. or Mrs. X.

Lastly, I’d mention my late mother, who passed away in 2020. Her unconditional warmth and love continue to inspire me, and I dearly miss the moments we shared.

Q 10. In your opinion, what makes a 5 Star Wedding?

A 5-star wedding is more than just a celebration; it is an unforgettable experience crafted with meticulous attention to detail and personalized service. At its core, it’s about understanding the couple’s unique story and vision and bringing it to life in a way that exceeds their wildest dreams.

Insider Interview Tomas De Bruyne

From the stunning floral arrangements and impeccable decor to the seamless coordination of every aspect of the event, a 5-star wedding is characterized by exceptional quality in every element. It’s about creating magical moments that leave a lasting impression and reflect the couple’s unique style and vision.

Ultimately, it’s the combination of exquisite craftsmanship, flawless execution, and a genuine commitment to creating a once-in-a-lifetime celebration that sets a 5-star wedding apart from the rest.


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