Kardashian Acrylic ICEbOX Makeup Organizer

I have recently been addicted to watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and spotted their acrylic makeup organizer. Since then I really wanted one to keep my makeup collection organised.  There are a few companies offering the make up organizers but none are like the ICEbOX from Sherrieblossom.com

The Icebox is the most popular celebrity brand, each of the acrylic make up organizer is handmade with Lucite, which reflects the most beautiful  fluorescence of any acrylic brand.  I ordered the Skinny Mini which is extremely beautiful and very well made and just perfect for organising your beauty products and jewellery.  The drawers open and close effortlessly and is so well put together, just flawless.

I just love the fact it is clear enables you to easily find the foundation/blush/lip gloss you are looking for without having to empty the entire makeup bag/box like most traditional cases.. its genius for those that have a large selection of makeup.

I think this would be an ideal gift for both the bride and the groom so they can plan their romantic evening around a candle lit bubble bath and organise and display all their massage gels and love potions whilst having a pamper evening! The sleek, sexy, and contemporary design, meticulously detailed craftsmanship and invisibility, blends seamlessly with any style of room you have.

The ICEbOX with space for standing bottles that are Ice Box Skinny and The Short Skinny as it has a lid compartment height of 5″. The rest of the styles, bottles would have to be laid down.

ICEbOX - The Skinny Minni by Sherrie Blossom

Previously when I have bought items online sometimes I  have had such bad customer service, not replying back to my questions, or not providing my tracking number, however with Sherrie she has been such a joy to liaise with.

One last point I would like to mention is the looking after your organiser. It is extremely important to maintain the gloss of your ICEbOX and remove dust and debris with the proper cleaning agents called Novus. These can be purchased via sherrieblossom.com

The Novus acrylic cleaning products are the best choice to transform dirty, stained, dulled, lightly scuffed acrylic into a brand new sparkling gem again. There’s also Novus 3 which allows the reduced appearance of deep scratches.