Can You Tell The Difference Between Real And Simulated Diamonds?

Even celebrities like Beyonce wear lab made diamonds because of their likeness to mined gems. Beyonce bought a ring because she wanted a replica of her $5 million engagement ring that she was too worried to lose!

So when I was asked to see if I would like to have a ring set sent to me by Tru Diamonds, I was really excited to see if they really do like the real thing.

When my rings arrived I was amazed to see how absolutely beautiful they look, they are exceptionally close to real diamonds. The sparkle is wonderful and the ring quality is fantastic also. It has already been admired quite a few times, and once you see the rings for yourself, you’ll understand why so many celebrities and wealthy people wear simulated diamonds and nobody is any the wiser.

1 ct. Tiffany Style Solitaire Ring
1 ct. Tiffany Style Solitaire Ring

With buying simulated diamonds you don’t have to worry about security or loss of your valuable jewellery in the crowds and they save on costly insurance whilst nobody knows they are not wearing hugely expensive mined diamonds.

Enchanting Duo Ring Set
Enchanting Duo Ring Set

Tru Diamonds are a fine jewellery collection that specialises in amazing lab created diamonds. Made in perfect conditions, the jewels are flawless in cut, clarity and colour – and like diamonds, they will last forever. In fact, only professional gemologists with specialist equipment can tell the difference between by Tru Diamonds and mined natural diamonds.

Simulated Diamond Rings
Rodeo Drive Ring

When judged by the characteristics used by expert gemologists to grade fine diamonds, every Tru-Diamonds gem measures up to the finest of fine grading. Tru-Diamonds are perfect ice-white in colour, flawless in clarity, perfectly cut every time and exactly the same sizes as conventional diamonds. What’s more, they are so hard and durable they can even cut glass.

Simulated Diamond Rings
Trilogy Ring
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