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Lamborghini – the raging bull

Behind the brand


Unexplainable extravagance and a masterpiece of perfection

Founded in 1963 by an ambitious and wealthy Ferruccio Lamborghini, the now world-famous brand was born out of a desire to compete with the successful Ferrari super sports cars. Although many thought he was mad, Lamborghini’s passion and drive led to the creation of a high quality, top spec model, created in a purpose-built factory in Italy.

Prima Lamborghini 1963. Foto Ghisoli Egidio. Prima vettura Lamborghini 350 GTV  - Lamborghini - the raging bull
The start of it all, Ferruccio Lamborghini with the first model
img 4691 - Lamborghini - the raging bull
The Lamborghini Gallery

The 350 GTV

The 350 GTV was a masterpiece and spurred Lamborghini on to develop two offshoot models in quick succession. These three models are the only Lamborghinis to bear alphanumeric names. The cars that followed had quite a different style.

1963 lamborghini 350 gtv 11 - Lamborghini - the raging bull
The 350 GTV

The Bull

The imagery and world of bullfighting is woven into the Lamborghini brand. Adopting the raging bull itself as their emblem, Lamborghini started to name his cars after the most powerful and majestic fighting creatures. From the Miura to the Murcielago, the Islero to the Estoque, the ensuing models were given these impressive monikers, named after breeds of fighting bulls or legends from bull fighting history. Ferruccio Lamborghini was clear about his brand’s vision – to be seen as strong, brave and resilient – the best.

JupLd30 - Lamborghini - the raging bull
The Raging Bull emblem
1200px Lamborghini Miura Sinsheim - Lamborghini - the raging bull
The Miura
lamborghini murcielago - Lamborghini - the raging bull
The Murcielago

Famous fans

When it comes to celebrity owners, you don’t have to look very hard to find an A lister who’s dabbled in the world of the Lambo. Hollywood seems to have embraced the Lamborghini as it’s car of choice, with Bieber, Mariah and Diddy all using one as their daily drives.

2F3A769C00000578 3353488 image m 211 1449736271849 - Lamborghini - the raging bull
Justin Bieber and his Lamborghini
PAY PROD Mariah Carey wears a green dress as she and Bryan Tanaka go to Rock and Reillys Irish Pub on Saint - Lamborghini - the raging bull
Mariah Carey’s bright Lamborghini

Closer to home David Beckham once had a Lamborghini Gallardo in his vast collection and recently a very famous rare purple Diablo was put up for sale, the very same one owned by Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay and used in their Cosmic Girl video.

495811907 97f523eb4f b - Lamborghini - the raging bull
David Beckam’s Gallardo
03 jk lambo - Lamborghini - the raging bull
The iconic purple Diablo

So what’s new?

Celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of the founder of the iconic car manufacturer, Lamborghini released the Centenario, a limited edition masterpiece of innovation and performance.

centenario - Lamborghini - the raging bull
Lamborghini’s Centenario

Also making its debut last year was the Huracán Avio; the special series inspired by aeronautics. And of course, they’ve unveiled new concept cars at motor shows around the world.

Lamborghini Huracan LP610 4 Avio Edition 1011 - Lamborghini - the raging bull
The Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 Avio Edition

Driven, as they were back at the start, by the desire to create masterpieces of perfection, Lamborghini rightfully hold their place as a leader in the world of the ultimate luxury car.

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