Last Minute Check List For The Groom – Have You Got Everything?

The wedding is just a few weeks/days away and your main priority up until now has probably been to help out with a few decisions and keep your bride-to-be happy (and still wanting to marry you!). However, as the wedding approaches are you ready and organised? Is everything ticked off your check list?

Here are some important things to remember to make sure your special day goes smoothly.

Groom Check List
Groom Check List

Wedding rings

Have you made sure your wedding rings are sized, cleaned and put in a safe place? They will obviously play a huge part in the ceremony so it is vital you keep them close to you nearer to the day to avoid losing them last minute!

Wedding suit

Your wedding suit should fit perfectly and you and your bride-to-be should have organised the groom party’s attire, along with matching accessories. Make sure your suit is taken out of its bag and hung up the night before the wedding to remove any creases, and ensure a super slick look on your special day. Also, don’t forget to pack an extra shirt in case of any last minute spills or mishaps.


Accessories add the finer details to your suit so make sure shoes are polished, socks are matching and things like your tie pin, cufflinks and cravat are packed and not forgotten.

Haircut and shave

Unless you’ve got really short hair, it’s a good idea to get a haircut a few days before the wedding. Why not treat yourself to a trim and shave at a high-end barber where you can relax and get pampered for the day. If you normally have a beard, be sure to get it trimmed and tidied up, or otherwise go for a nice clean shave so you’re uber smart and ready for those memorable photos.

The speech

Your speech will certainly be one of the most important parts of the wedding, so if you’ve written it down or even made brief notes, don’t forget it to take it with you!

It might even be an idea to email it to yourself so you at least have it electronically available to you. ( mobile or computer) Practice a couple of times in front of the mirror, but be yourself and let it come naturally to you.

Gift for your bride-to-be

A personal and memorable gift for your bride-to-be is traditional and needn’t cost the earth. For example a photo album with pictures of you both makes a lovely romantic gesture. Why not pop something as a surprise in her honeymoon suitcase? You could also book an experience for her such as a Spa weekend or pampering day out which she is bound to need after all the wedding planning

 And don’t forget about the honeymoon …

You’ll be so busy preparing and planning for the big day don’t forget your honeymoon checklist!

Passports – If you’re travelling abroad, make sure both passports are valid and that you have all the right travelling documents ( e.g. visa)

Camera – Don’t forget to pack your camera, charger and a few extra memory cards. Quick snapshots on your phone are fine for the plane, but a good camera will allow you to take memorable photos that will last a lifetime

Smart wear– if you have enough room, pack something smart like a lightweight linen suit so you look the part while serenading your bride over a romantic candlelit dinner for two. M&S linen miracle suits are ideal for travelling, as the fabric is made with a polyester blend that eradicates creasing, giving a luxurious look and feel.

First aid kit – Just in case, stock up on everything you need for minor mishaps ; antihistamines, painkillers, rehydration tablets, antiseptic cream, plasters and anything else you can fit in

Beachwear essentials – If you’ve booked somewhere hot and exotic don’t forget to pack your sunnies, sun cream, swimming shorts, flip flops and a good book.