A Luxurious Diamond Lingerie Set Is One Like No Other

Forget about snow on the ground and lights on the trees this Christmas. This year, with the help of Fred and Ginger, they have created the most exquisite creation.

This luxurious Diamond lingerie set is one like no other. Designed and hand-made in the United Kingdom, this balconnette bra has an uplifting effect and has a soft padding, offering the most beautiful and flattering shape. With pleat cup detailing and duel straps, this piece creates a sexy subtleness that comes alive against the stunning detachable diamond jewellery.

The bra is adorned with the most stunning bespoke centerpiece designed with Cinderella’s horse-drawn carriage in mind. Consisting of an 18ct yellow gold framework and a central diamond on a pendulum weighing 0.50ct, the entire piece is surrounded by 69 small pave diamonds around the framework.

diamond bra-and-knickers
A diamond bra-and-knickers set priced at £25,000

The complimentary knickers are unique in their design, with a half-moon back panel and crescent moon front, a knicker set that is both seductive and sensual in its look and feel. These knickers offer simplicity against the detachable diamond jewellery, which sits on the hips of this knicker. The 18ct yellow gold plate flowers with 4 diamonds on each petal, weighing a total of 1.00ct. Each of the three jeweled pieces is detachable so can be worn independently on a chain.

  • A diamond bra-and-knickers set priced at £25,000