Grenada, A Caribbean Honeymoon Haven

As far as the Caribbean islands go, Grenada may be considered as a less assuming and understated destination. Perhaps in some peoples’ opinions Grenada lacks the prominence or renown of neighbouring communities such as Barbados, the Bahamas or St Lucia. This, however, is an island that lets its natural beauty, its charm and its elegance do the talking.

Grenada actually belongs to a much more extensive chain of islands known as the Grenadines six of which fall under Grenadian supremacy. Lying at the tail end of that inimitable arch of islands that forms the Lesser Antilles, Grenada is situated out of the path of a majority of the tropical storms that can so profoundly affect other communities in the Caribbean.

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Grenada became a British colony in the 18th century and permeations of this governance can still be observed in all aspects of Grenadian society today, from architecture to street names. It was not until 1834 that the product with which the country is inherently identified, Nutmeg, was introduced quite unceremoniously by a small cargo ship. This simple act signalled the birth of the nutmeg trade in Grenada, an industry that remains integral to the island’s economy even today justifying its nickname of ‘The Island of Spice’.

So from one kind of spice to another, for a growing band of travellers Grenada represents one of the most romantic and charming honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean. An authentic and intimate community Grenada offers discerning honeymooners a relaxed and private retreat married with quality service and unsurpassed luxury. Numerous leading resorts have been established on the island but all remain devoted to an ethos of thoughtful ecology; these are institutions that understand and appreciate the delicate nature of their surroundings and work to maintain and preserve their environment. This endeavour was acknowledged when one of the nation’s leading properties, Spice Island Beach Resort, achieved a Green Globe Award for sustainable tourism.

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Grenada’s is an environment certainly worth preserving with extremely rich volcanic soils that nurture an incredible spectrum of flora and fauna. Exploring the dense interior of the country is certainly a rewarding activity and particularly worthwhile are visits to the lakes of Grand Etang and Antoine.

Grenada is blessed with some of the most beautiful and undisturbed beaches in the Caribbean including the world famous Grand Anse and La Sagesse beaches along with smaller and more remote stretches such as Magazin and Levera. These pristine strips of coastline that perforate the dense forests of the island offer couples the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun, partake in water sports or enjoy a romantic walk. Beyond the golden sands the warm waters that encompass the island offer perfect conditions for swimming, snorkelling and diving. Wrecks, reefs and even an underwater sculpture park make Grenada a wonderful place to visit for dive enthusiasts. For those who would rather stay above the waves one of the most romantic perspectives of the island can be appreciated during a boat tour of the island, enjoy sipping cocktails and watching the sun set below the horizon aboard your own private yacht.

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