Luxury Wedding Cake Trends by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

5 Star Weddings wanted to find out what the latest cake trends are for 2014, and who better to ask than the Queen of cakes herself Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium.

The past few years has seen lots of exciting developments in the cake world with new techniques and tools making many designs a possibility.

According to trend reports, weddings are getting softer, more lush and personalised with pale pinks (think dusky, neutrals and antique pinks) being back in vogue. Wedding cakes have become an expressive medium for any couple and represents the artistic centre piece of many wedding receptions.

Traditional cake flavours such as Vanilla, Chocolate and Lemon will still be popular but these flavours will be enhanced with liquers, sophisticated buttercreams, ganaches, unusual conserves, purees, mousses, and gelees.

Here’s a look at Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium’s top wedding cake trends for 2014:

1. Statement cakes – From tall statuesque edifices to upside down, gravity defying pieces, brides are looking for ways to make their wedding cake an unforgettable one. We also predict that unusual or non traditional cake shapes will also be on the increase and a key wedding cake trend for 2014.

Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

2. Frills, thrills and spills – Frilly, soft cakes that mimic the exquisite folds, rosettes and ruffles of wedding dresses by designers such as Vera Wang have been all the rage for a while now. This is set to continue throughout 2014 and beyond.

Luxury Wedding Cake Trends

3. Metallics – Golds, silvers and bronzes – Metallic touches and accents on cakes were one of the hot trends of 2013. Brides, you can now add a touch of one of these precious metals to the centre piece of your reception and continue this top wedding cake trend!

African Vintage Cake

4. Bold colours – The patone colour for 2014 is the pinky purple Radiant Orchid. Blending both cool and warm undertones, this colour has an appealing hue and can work brilliantly on a cake. A wonderful choice for any bride that adores the regal opulence of purple and wants her cake to pop in 2014.

Wedding Cakes

5. Dessert tables – also called sweet tables and dessert bars,  this is a very imaginative way for brides to  incorporate some of their favourite  edible delights into their wedding. The dessert tables usually reflect the style and colours of the wedding and can be formal or informal.

Luxury Weddings Cakes

6. Vintage wedding cakes – Some may be over the trend for anything vintage but for true romantics like me, lace, roses and pearl vintage wedding cakes are just too pretty to do away with. In fact one of our most pinned cake on Pinterest is our gorgeous white and blush lace cake below:

Designer Wedding cakes

7. Naked cakes – Ideal for rustic weddings, these gorgeous cakes feature  uncovered cakes with generous layers of buttercream, jams, conserves, fruit purees or curds. In keeping with the natural look, they can be decorated with fresh flowers or fruit.

Vintage Style Wedding Cakes

8. Cupcakes – Reports of the demise of the cupcake may be a little premature. Whilst there has been many challengers to the cupcake throne and these little delights may have lost their shine a little, they are still being requested by many brides. The fight back for cupcakes may be in the way they are adorned with the most realistic edible jewellery, sugar flowers. They can even be tiered so take that cronuts, donuts and macaroons!

Wedding Cupcakes

9. Geometric cakes – Geometric patterns on cakes has been a growing phenomenon. They appeal to the sensibilities of modern brides with their structured patterns and elegant clean lines.

Boho Wedding Style

So there you have it. Elizabeth’s thoughts on what the wedding cake landscape might look like in 2014.