Say No To Department Store Disappointment

I dont think Im alone in saying that one of the tasks I was most looking forward to in the run up to my wedding was making the gift list… call me materialistic if you wish but what could be more fun than selecting endless things you would like in your home without having to worry about paying for them. The joy at picking out the more top of the range kitchen appliances, the finer crockery and glassware to say nothing of all matching bed linen and towels… even spare sets!

Luxury Wedding Gifts
Hippo From Lilac Blue Weddings

Imagine then the disappointment when the experience is marred by un-professional , un-informed and often sullen shop staff, inflexible ‘computer says no’ systems and even less inspiring incentives for bringing them more business from this single event than you probably will the rest of your married life.

It is a real spirit dampener and a true shame as there is an alternative…  A little too late for myself and my husband who tied the binding knot back in 2007 I have discovered Lilac Blue Weddings – a truly lovely online gift list company who specialise in making the selection of your gifts personal, fun, inspiring and imaginative beyond any High Street offering.

They bring together a vast array of boutique suppliers of all your usual and unusual gifts. Luxury, fun, practicality and beauty all in one place and at your fingertips.

Your gift list can be managed online from the comfort of your own home whilst having a very friendly and helpful personal assistant on the end of a phone to guide you through the process. Nothing is too much  – even items that you yourself source can be added to their existing selection. You can have as much or as little contact with your gift list manager as you wish making for the perfect hands on/hands off balance as you juggle the things requiring your more detailed attention in the run up to your spectacular day.

I for one am a convert to the online method and would recommend Lilac Blue Weddings to anyone who will listen – too many couples have rounded off their ‘fun’ shopping excursion with an unnecessary argument to need any further proof of its benefits and beauty.

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