Apple Threatens Wedding Industry Jobs with New Patent

Still basking in the success of their recent iPad launch, Apple is not content with grabbing a massive market share of the music, entertainment and mobile phone markets. A recent Patent Application shows that they plan to take a slice of the Wedding Market too threatening jobs and livelihoods.

The Application shows a wedding invitation system where wedding party members could access maps, calendar reminders, gift lists and receive wedding invitations electronically through their smartphones. If brides and grooms and wedding planners start moving over to this new system it could be catastrophic for thousands of creative wedding stationers around the world.

Apple iPad
Apple iPad

“This could be a serious threat to our livelihoods and our staff’s jobs. We have put our life savings into our wedding stationery business, Ivy Ellen, which launched at the National Wedding Shows in October and recently showed at the prestigious Designer Wedding Show. The irony, of course, is that much of the artwork for our cards is prepared on Apple Macs, being a Mac fan I’m very disappointed in them,” – says wedding stationery, Jeremy Corner, Ivy Ellen Ltd.

One of the advantages of the new system is that it is could be more environmentally friendly as it uses a paperless system and therefore appeals to the Green Wedding sector.

“Three to four trees are planted for every tree cut down to make the paper for our wedding stationery. Our products actually grow forests. According to The Sunday Times scientists have found that performing two internet searches is comparable to bringing a kettle to boil. God knows what C02 those billions of daily internet clicks are really emitting, but online wedding stationery systems certainly won’t be planting trees like our FSC accredited suppliers are” – says Jeremy

He continues: “I think it will be a real shame if couples move away from traditional invitation sending. It feels so special to receive something personal like a wedding invitation or wedding thank you card through the post. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, it deserves more than an email.”

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