The Perfect His and Hers Wedding Presents


Cornishware has just launched two sets of their iconic mugs in new colours, which make the perfect His and Hers Wedding Presents.  They come luxuriously packaged in card gift boxes with Cornishware’s distinctive colourful stripes, making them a delightful ready-packed His & Hers wedding present.  The mugs come in four pastel colours, inspired by Cornish seaside bunting For the Girls and in croquet ball colours For the Boys.  They are priced at £40 for each set and are delivered via an efficient mail order service from tggreen.

Cornishware was first produced in the 1920’s by T.G.Green & Co, the pottery company in Derbyshire which was established in 1864.  In the 1960’s, Cornishware was updated by a young designer called Judith Onions and went on to become a design classic, highly prized by collectors.  Cornish Blue’s highly distinctive blue and white banded livery is recognised internationally and the pottery owes its name to an employee who was reminded of the blue skies and white-crested waves of Cornwall. An advertising campaign from 1938 included the line: ‘Blue of the Atlantic – White of Cornish Clouds – Glisten of the Sea – What Woman Could Resist Such Beauty in her Kitchen!’


The Cornishware range has classic, simple items suitable for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper. The range is durable; all the items are designed to be used every day and are dishwasher proof.  The collection includes the world famous Cornish Blue, the recently launched range of Cornish Red and the ‘for the boys’ and ‘for the girls’ range of mugs in contemporary Cornish colours, packaged in bespoke Cornishware striped boxes, making them suitable for wedding gifts and collectors’ pieces.

The range also includes the new ‘Cornishwear’ collection of linen for the kitchen and ‘Type on a stripe’, a bespoke lettering service for personalising mugs and storage jars.

Cornishware is currently handmade abroad with plans to restore production to the UK in the near future.

The Cornishware range is available online at