Ma Chérie brings gay weddings to Ibiza

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Under the Ibizan sun…

Ma Chérie Weddings Ibiza has been a strong ambassador for gay weddings for years. Earlier this March, Ma Chérie successfully planned the first gay wedding of the 2018 season.

Legal since 2005, it still remains a surprise to many visiting the island of Ibiza that same sex weddings are possible.

Ibiza’s tolerant and welcoming attitude has made it the ideal wedding destination for many; same sex couples in particular. The island known for its parties, is also a popular destination for intimate ceremonies near the beach as well as for luxurious villa weddings, high up in the hills.

Ma Chérie brings gay weddings to Ibiza

Alexandra Sixt, Wedding Planner at Ma Chérie Weddings Ibiza, states, “Although the far majority of the population is Catholic, marriage equality has been legal in Ibiza, or Spain, for many years. That having said, each year, we still see an increasing interest in gay weddings; especially for non-residents, who will need to legalise their marriage in their home country. Whether the LGBT-community feels more supported here today, or because it was unaware of the possibilities on Ibiza, remains unclear.”

Ma Chérie brings gay weddings to Ibiza

“We are, however, extremely pleased to be part of this positive change and we can only look forward to an even brighter, or more colourful, future”, Sixt continues.

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