Member Spotlight: Andrea Bagnasco Fotografie

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“The power of emotions can be preserved by pictures that seize the moment and turn it into a lifetime memory.”
Andrea Bagnasco,

Liguria-based photographer Andrea Bagnasco travels across Italy and beyond to capture couples’ special days in his signature photo-journalistic style. He prides his work on its unobtrusive observation, and is always sure to avoid interfering with and influencing the day’s events. This enables Bagnasco to shoot emotionally-charged photos that seem to freeze time, preserving the most heart-warming memories.

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Andrea Bagnasco began his road to photography as a teenager. While he originally earned a degree in engineering and planned to pursue a entrepreneurial career, Bagnasco was so drawn to photography that he eventually returned to it full-time. Since then, he has been inspired by the work of street style photographers and documentarians, developing a strong interest in storytelling and authenticity. This is reflected in his style of capturing natural, real photos of the couple and guests enjoying the day, as opposed to staged shots.

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However, that’s not to say he doesn’t take portraits and group shots. On the contrary, Bagnasco encourages newlyweds to take time out for photos with each other and their families. His bride and groom portraits become cherished family heirlooms, evoking emotion for years to come. Of course, Bagnasco captures these photos in his own style. Rather than what he refers to as “cheesy”, “80s soap opera” photos, Andrea always seeks to incorporate elements of the day into these structured photos – from the landscape to minute details.

Bagnasco is known for his ability to shoot vivid imagery under any conditions. He makes use of ambient lighting where possible rather than using obtrusive flash lighting. He adapts his timing and composition to the couple’s schedule, the weather conditions, and the shooting location. This allows Bagnasco to get unique shots that represent all the details of the moment at hand without conspicuous equipment throwing the guests off course. That’s what makes his photography so unique and personalised. Bagnasco himself claims that “when [the couple] look at their photos they’ll actually see themselves”, whether they’re perusing the shots a few months later or showing an album to their grandchildren in decades to come.

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Andrea Bagnasco is a DxO Image Master and renowed photographer with multiple accolades to his name. He is 11-time Associazion Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti (Italy’s National Association of Wedding Photographers) award winner, and made SRL Lounge’s world’s top 150 wedding photographers list. A member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, he has previously been recognised as one of their Top 20. Bagnasco has also received 7 awards from Fearless Photographers. His style is heralded wherever he goes and recognised across the world.

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