Interview With Mich Turner – The Little Venice Cake Company

Little Venice Cake Company is London’s award winning leading designer of spectacular cakes for all occasions. Internationally renowned, they have created cakes for individuals, corporates and celebrities including Madonna, Pierce Brosnan, Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham. Passionate and talented they create cakes of uncompromising excellence and unrivalled prestige. Gordon Ramsay describes Mich Turner – founder and director as “The Bentley of Cake Makers!”

The company offers a completely bespoke service where personal preferences and desires are taken into account when creating the perfect cake to complement your special occasion. Clients are invited to their design studio by appointment in London’s fashionable Marylebone to meet with one of the creative designers and to sample the mouthwatering cakes. Talented and passionate, Little Venice Cake Company designs are creative, exclusive and innovative.

Mich Turner

Their cakes are handcrafted with the ultimate attention to detail, creating chocolate sculptures and exquisitely iced cakes of breathtaking beauty Their designs of refined opulence from Hollywood Glamour to Bollywood Charm are featured in the most esteemed magazines including Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Little Venice Cake Company’s luxury partners are some of London’s most prestigious venues, luxury stores and hotels with an exclusive range in Harvey Nichols. Their totally indulgent cakes are baked fresh to order with the finest ingredients.

Clients can choose from Chocolate Truffle, Rich Fruit with Brandy, Luscious Lemon, Moist Carrot, or Madagascan Vanilla. Founder and Director Mich Turner has been awarded Harpers Bazaar and Chanel Entrepreneur of the Year and has produced two books – Spectacular Cakes (Winner – Best Dessert Book – Gourmand World Cookbook Awards); and Fantastic Party Cakes. Her forth book – Couture Wedding Cakes – is due for release spring 2011.

5 Star Weddings: Which is in your opinion the ultimate cake?

Mich Turner: One that combines total indulgence with understated elegance

5 Star Weddings: What are your tips for brides to be when choosing a cake?

Mich Turner: So many – but choose one that reflects your personality, Will serve the number of guests you have at the wedding,Includes flavours of your own personal preference – whether you are serving the cake for pudding or in addition to Complements the wedding – colours and glowers, Save the top tier for the first child’s christening, Consider the location for displaying the cake – it should be centre stage!

Amazing Wedding Cakes
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 13521 title=1950s Chic src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads2013121950s Chic 359x450jpg alt=Amazing Wedding Cakes width=750 ><noscript> 1950s Chic by Mich Turner

5 Star Weddings: Is the traditional ‘fruitcake’ style Wedding Cake still popular? What alternatives are popular with brides these days and why?

Mich Turner: Yes definitely popular to include an element of rich fruit cake – especially if the top tier is to be kept for the first child’s christening, wedding anniversary or Christmas.  Other tiers can be made from other flavours – including luscious lemon, chocolate truffle, sticky date and apple and carrot cake are all popular –especially if the cake is being served for pudding.

Wedding Cakes
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 13522 title=LVCC Azaelea src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201312LVCC Azaelea 300x450jpg alt=Wedding Cakes width=750 ><noscript> Azaelea by Mich Turner

5 Star Weddings: Which celebrity wedding, anniversary or special occasion cakes have you designed?

Mich Turner: Birthday cake and Diamond Annniversary cake for Her Majesty The Queen; weddings for Madonna, Pierce Brosnan, Paul McCartney, Cheryl Cole, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Kate Garraway, Samantha Janus, Joe Cole and Carly Zucker, Elvis Costello and Diana Krall; Birthday cakes for Gordon Ramsay, David Beckham, Cliff Richard, Bruce Forsyth, Rolf Harris and Emma Thompson

Chocolate Wedding Cakes
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 13523 title=autumnchocolateberries src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201312autumnchocolateberries NEW 414x450jpg alt=Chocolate Wedding Cakes width=750 ><noscript> Autumn Chocolate Berries by Mich Turner

5 Star Weddings: Have you ever received any unusual requests for wedding cakes?

Mich Turner: Yes – a white chocolate helter skelter cake with sugar models of Pink Panthers scaling the cake.  Sugar model of Pewter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau on the top with crystals and diamonds!

Chocolate Wedding Cakes
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 13531 title=Chocolate Rose Milk White src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201312Chocolate Rose Milk White 343x450jpg alt=Chocolate Wedding Cakes width=750 ><noscript> Chocolate Rose Milk White by Mich Turner

5 Star Weddings: Who do you find is usually responsible for choosing the wedding cake? Bride, groom or family?

Mich Turner: Usually the bride and groom choose together – their day; their party; their cake!

French Wedding Cakes
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 13532 title=Versailles Birds src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201312Versailles Birds reduced jpg 322x450jpg alt=French Wedding Cakes width=750 ><noscript> Versailles Birds by Mich Turner

5 Star Weddings: Do you base your wedding cake designs on the rest of the wedding decor or is it better that the cake is totally independent of it’s surroundings?

Mich Turner: Either will work really well – to complement or contrast.  It is nice to be inspirational when it comes to the cake.   Discuss all options with the bride and groom

5 Star Weddings: Which celebrity would you most like to design a cake for and why?

Mich Turner: Marilyn Monroe – the epitome of glamour, style icon the ultimate centre of attention.

5 Star Weddings: What do you find are a bride’s biggest concerns when choosing a cake?

Mich Turner: Flavour, design, budget

5 Star Weddings:  Could you tell us a bit about your wedding cake masterclass?

Mich Turner:  Yes, it is held at The Studio over 2 days for a maximum of 4 people per time.  The course includes covering 4 tiers of cake including a real base tier to achieve a professional finish ; dowelling and stacking the tiers so they are safe, secure and level; hand decorating each tier with a flawless hand piped design; making sugar roses and wiring ribbon loops to complete the decorated wedding cake.

Luxury hen weekend cak making
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 13533 title=Mich Turner src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201312Mich baker girl 392x450jpg alt=Luxury hen weekend cak making width=750 ><noscript> Mich Turner

5 Star Weddings: When and where can brides purchase your forthcoming book?

 Mich Turner: All good book stores, craft stores, independent cake decorating stores, Amazon

5 Star Weddings: What was the inspiration for your book?

Mich Turner: My masterclasses – the need for the definitive BIBLE of techniques, designs and step by step guide for beginners, intermediates and experts alike.

 For more information please contact Little Venice Cake Company direct on 020 7486 5252

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