Untangle Your Hair On Your Wedding Day

As any woman (or man) will know, it only takes a gust of wind, a brief shower or a session at the gym to turn brushing hair into an ordeal. Tugs follow painful pulls, hair falls, and ends split. It really is no wonder that children flee at the mere sight of a brush!

Michel Mercier Hair Brushes
Michel Mercier Hair Brushes

Internationally acclaimed hair stylist Michel Mercier was first struck by these problems whilst brushing the hair of his 12 year old daughter who, like many other girls, would show visible discomfort during the process. Aware that this discomfort was not confined children alone, Michel set about creating a brush that would make daily brushing a more pleasant experience and less damaging to hair.  And the result?

The uniquely designed and patented brush is made up of 428 bristles positioned at different heights with a unique geometric distribution, helping to disperse the pressure placed on hair during brushing. Of course no one head of hair is the same and Michel Mercier has ensured that everyone can benefit from this innovation by creating three colour coded models, each one designed to suit a different hair type: fine, normal and thick.

For those who know the pain of brushing, look no further. The Michel Mercier Brush works perfectly with all hair types, from dry colour damaged hair to thick European, Afro and Asian hair textures, and is especially gentle for children’s hair brushing regime. Gone are the days of tugging until the brush handle breaks, it glides smoothly through wet or dry hair, curly or straight, and is even gentle enough to tackle hair extensions and real or synthetic wigs.

The Michel Mercier Detangling Brush is priced at £14.95, and is available from michelmercier.co.uk and selected salons