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Modern Baroque in Florence


An inspirational winter shoot…

12 801x1201 - Modern Baroque in FlorenceThe sensuality of the court of Louis XIV and the colours of Marie Antoinette stand out against a blank canvas of white columns and bas-reliefs, as a background to the refined splendour of this Baroque inspired picture curated by Bianco Bouquet Wedding Planner. You can almost hear the notes of a Venetian Rondo entering the marble room of a private building in the heart of Florentine Renaissance.

unspecified 800x1201 - Modern Baroque in Florence19 1038x692 - Modern Baroque in Florence

A journey through time artfully told with modernity and elegance through the precious fabrics of Anna Fuca Atelier. Each dress has its own unique style and matching accessories to enhance their personalities.

13 801x1201 - Modern Baroque in Florence10 1038x693 - Modern Baroque in Florence

5 801x1201 - Modern Baroque in Florence

9 801x1201 - Modern Baroque in Florence

The original design of Idriss Guelai Atelier’s jewellery gives that futuristic touch to an already glittering past: – a golden necklace to embrace the neck of the bride recalling the court ladies, giving her a proud and elegant appearance, and the gold detail around the eye replacing normality with originality.

3 800x1201 - Modern Baroque in Florence

6 1038x693 - Modern Baroque in Florence

senza titolo 7753 801x1201 - Modern Baroque in Florence14 1038x692 - Modern Baroque in Florence

7 1038x693 - Modern Baroque in FlorenceNo event is complete without the essential presence of floral arrangements. With a name which alone inspires confidence, “Il Giardino delle Fate” embellishes the setting with beautiful roses of different kinds on the table in perfectly matched golden pots, with classy bouquets and a gorgeous, prominent headpiece.

21 800x1201 1 - Modern Baroque in Florence

Everything is made perfect with rich and refined details, scrupulously chosen.

Like the antiqued and decadent candelabras and crystal chandelier, the gold “stained” plates by Salvatore Spataro Design and fine crystal glasses and golden cutlery by Rolands Catering.

20 800x1201 1 - Modern Baroque in Florence

In the background, mirrors on the walls and an elegant crystal chandelier from the ceiling emphasise the elegance of the room.

25 801x1201 - Modern Baroque in FlorenceWith the extreme attention to detail of Bianco Bouquet Wedding Planner, we immerse ourselves into the charm of the French court, in a setting of mystery, passion and elegance. With bold colours and haute couture strolling through the dance halls like in an old baroque painting, where luxury and gracefulness go hand in hand with glamour.

16 800x1201 1 - Modern Baroque in Florence

17 800x1201 1 - Modern Baroque in Florence

11 1038x693 - Modern Baroque in Florence


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