Proposal planning with La Fête

Say yes… the secret to planning the perfect proposal

Our friends at La Fête, the boutique-at-heart, multicultural wedding and event company are predicting that proposal planning will be the next big trend in 2019.

Proposal planning with La Fête

Until recently, the majority of their clients have been female, but they have seen a huge increase in enquiries from men, for their wedding services. Men now account for over a third of enquiries.

Founder of La Fête, Charlotte Ricard-Quesada, a recent bride herself, believes this increase is due to “a want and need for both parties to be in control, it’s no longer just about what the bride wants, the groom wants his voice to be heard too” and predicts that this sudden shift will result in proposal planning becoming the next big trend. “We have seen that it has become more and more about the proposal itself and not so much about the ring anymore.”

Proposal planning with La Fête

Social media now plays a part in the engagement announcements, with proposals getting more ‘gram-worthy. Have you ever wondered who’s hiding in the bushes, ready to capture the ‘yes moment’? That image something the couple can treasure forever – the first step on their road to their beautiful wedding day and married life together. So couples are getting grander with their proposal plans.

Charlotte agrees, “With the rise in social media, the need for proposals to be bigger and better than ever before is a constant struggle and concern for men who just don’t have the time, or know how to create this magical moment, and get that yes, and that’s where we step in.”

Proposal planning with La Fête

La Fête work closely with each of their clients, to ensure that they not only enjoy the event in question but also the entire process. No matter how intimate or lavish, at home or abroad, La Fête helps create unique experiences with unforgettable memories to make their dreams come true.

Here are Charlotte’s five top tips on the perfect proposal:

  1. Make sure it’s what she wants – listen to any hints that she drops as she is giving you all the information you need to start creating.
  2. Stay calm – most men in the 24 hours run-up to the proposal start to act bizarre. Resulting in them often getting caught out or annoying their future fiancée and ultimately ruining the magical moment.
  3. Be sure of yourself – if you feel like she is the one, then she probably feels the same too so don’t worry and just enjoy the moment.
  4. Plan ahead – make sure you have planned the entire thing from start to finish. Such as dinner, followed by a late-evening stroll to your favourite spot where you will propose. Don’t improvise in-between moments because you will probably end up doing it in the worst place possible and ruin all your hard work.
  5. Ask for help – not only can we at La Fête support you in this life-changing decision, but we can make sure that you do it in the best and most enjoyable way possible for all involved.

Proposal planning with La Fête

La Fête’s Proposal Planning services, support you from your very first steps, right into married bliss. Beginning with an entirely bespoke proposal that includes a complimentary consultation, expenditure planning service, timeline creation and organisation, venue and supplier sourcing, styling, creation, event day management and more.

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