Renaissance By Yevnig At Spencer House

A synergy between bridal couture, historic architecture and luxury cakes

Renaissance By Yevnig, what an evening!

Spencer House, located in London, is a historic mansion that exemplifies the grandeur and elegance of 18th-century aristocratic living. Constructed between 1756 and 1766 for John Spencer, an ancestor of Princess Diana, it is one of England’s finest surviving examples of Palladian architecture. The house is renowned for its magnificent interiors, including the Palm Room, a stunning example of neoclassical design, and the splendid Painted Room, adorned with intricate paintings and gilded decorations.

Renaissance By Yevnig At Spencer House
Renaissance By Yevnig At Spencer House

Yevnig, renowned in the field of cake design, is distinguished for her exquisite and intricately designed cakes. Known for her attention to detail and flair for combining traditional and modern elements, Yevnig creates bespoke cakes that are visually stunning and delectable. Her creations are often sought after for high-profile events and celebrations, where the artistry and flavour of her cakes leave a lasting impression on guests.

Renaissance By Yevnig At Spencer House
Renaissance By Yevnig At Spencer House

When these two elements are combined, such as hosting an event at Spencer House with a centerpiece cake designed by Yevnig, it creates a setting of unparalleled elegance and sophistication.

Renaissance By Yevnig At Spencer House
Renaissance By Yevnig At Spencer House

The historic ambience of Spencer House provides a perfect backdrop for the artistic beauty of Yevnig’s cakes, making any event held there truly memorable. This combination reflects a blend of historical grandeur with contemporary luxury, appealing to those who appreciate the finest aspects of art, architecture, and gastronomy.

The Creative Team

The event at Spencer House was made extraordinary by the collaboration of several top-tier suppliers, each contributing their unique expertise to create a truly unforgettable experience:

  1. Xander Casey Photography (@xandercaseyphotography): Capturing the essence of the event, Xander Casey Photography provided professional and artistic photography services. Their ability to seize the moment and attention to detail in every shot added a memorable visual story to the event.
  2. Spencer House ( As the venue, Spencer House offered its historic and luxurious setting, making it an ideal backdrop for the event. The house’s elegance added a touch of aristocratic grace to the occasion.
  3. Bespoke Events London (@bespokeeventslondon): Handling the production, they ensured that every aspect of the event was executed flawlessly. Their expertise in event management contributed to a smooth and seamless experience.
  4. Francesca Panzera (@francescapmakeup): As the makeup artist, Francesca Panzera provided her professional touch, ensuring that everyone looked their best. Her skills in makeup artistry enhanced the overall elegance of the event.
  5. Host Hospitality (@host_hospitality): Specializing in cocktails, they offered exquisite drinks. Their expertise in mixology added a sophisticated and enjoyable element to the event.
  6. Just 4 Linen (@just4linen): Providing high-quality linen, they contributed to the aesthetic appeal of the event. The elegance of their linens complemented the overall theme and decor.
  7. Leeming Brothers Fine Stationery (@leemingbrothers): Responsible for the event’s stationery, they brought a touch of class and refinement. Their beautifully designed stationery items were both functional and decorative.
  8. Rob Van Helden Floral Design (@rvhfloraldesign): They adorned the venue with stunning floral arrangements. Their expertise in floral design added a natural, vibrant touch to the event’s ambience.
  9. Sternberg Clarke (@sternbergclarke): Providing entertainment, they ensured that guests were engaged and delighted throughout the event—their selection of entertainment options catering to a wide range of preferences.
  10. The Wedding Filmmakers (@thewedding_filmmakers): The videographers captured the event in motion, creating a lasting memory for attendees to cherish. Their professional videography skills were instrumental in documenting the event.
  11. Emma Westacott (@emmawestacott): The planner behind the event, Emma ensured every detail was meticulously organized. Her planning skills were critical to the event’s success.
  12. Milan Thakrar (@milan_thakrar): Serving as the events consultant, Milan provided valuable insights and guidance, contributing to the smooth execution and overall success of the event.
  13. By Yevnig (@byyevnig): Yevnig’s exquisite cakes were not just desserts but works of art, adding a touch of sweetness and elegance to the event.

Each supplier played a vital role in creating an event that was not only luxurious and elegant but also smooth and memorable, showcasing their individual talents and collaborative synergy.