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Sarah Beeny’s Stunning Wedding Venue – Rise Hall


Rise Hall Sarah Beeny 600x391 1 - Sarah Beeny's Stunning Wedding Venue - Rise Hall

Wow, what a stunning venue to host a wedding, Sarah Beeny and hubby Graham Swift have restored this Grade II listed Georgian mansion on Channel Four’s series ‘Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare’.

Based in Hull, Rise Hall was built in the 1800s, it covers 40,000 square feet and has 97 beautiful rooms. The three-week series follows the families huge challenge as they risk their lively hood in restoring Rise Hall back into the 21st century and ready to be classed as a great wedding venue.

We have not had the chance to personally view the venue, but from the lovely and well-presented website, it looks amazing. If you are following the show, then I would suggest waiting to see how the restoration work unfolds.

Would you like to get married in this Grand Georgian Mansion? please leave your comments below….

Week two of the Channel 4 series saw Sarah and Graham visit Redworth Hall, County Durham’s grandest 4-star retreat for inspiration. They also plan to get the wedding venue on the map by offering Rise Hall free to the first couple. Selena and Ben where the lucky couple, but as they were shown around the far from the complete property, Sarah states that it would be a leap of faith if they were to go ahead and book them.

A few more obstacles come out in the show, and one that could prevent the wedding of Selena and Ben from taking place at the venue was the small case of a Venue Licence which should have been applied for three months in advance. Restoring Rise Hall is a mammoth task, just seeing the scale of the work involved is very impressive.

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