Sassi Holford New Signature Collection 2015

Multi award winning Royal wedding gown designer Sassi Holford’s 2015 collection is all about the delicacy and beauty of an English summer garden. 

Sassi Holford

Sassi Holford

AdvertisementJimmy Choo - UK

The designs, featuring intricately embroidered flowers, fine lace, illusion necklines, floral waist bands and gently floating skirts, are reminiscent of a summer breeze drifting through a beautiful garden. 

Sassi Holford

Sassi commented:  “I’m often described as a quintessentially English designer and I find England is at its best in the still of a July evening in the garden. 

Sassi Holford

My design inspiration was that gorgeous summer feeling of beauty and serenity, and my intention was to combine this with freshness and elegance.  

Sassi Holford

I hope this has been achieved and I am delighted with the diversity of styles within the collection.”  

Sassi Holford 2015

Jimmy Choo - UK


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