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September blues

A gorgeously rich and versatile colour palette... for your 'something blue'


Make the blues your happy colour

From deep navy to dusky steel, blue is a beautiful choice for a wedding colour palette, especially for an autumnal season. Gone are the bright pops and faded pastels, and in their place, a gorgeous, striking cerulean will work beautifully. We love the gorgeous complimentary colours that sit so sweetly alongside blue. Have a look at our favourite blue hues.


If you want a hint of blue in your wedding dress, go for a dip-dye. Such a cute accent to fade into the white.

9fbca1ba472a70d132ab3d3c897807f9 - September blues

A touch of gold

Gold works so well alongside a rich, deep blue for a truly luxury feel.

881952fd8bbad871a6e76f8f6120ceab navy gold weddings blush weddings - September blues

Orange pop

A beautiful burnt orange really accentuates the autumnal season and adds another dimension to your wedding palette.

f69f0747775315adce6bcbdd68bb10cf autumn bridesmaid dresses fall wedding bridesmaids - September blues


Soften your blue tones with a pretty blush pink – perfect for a vintage feel.

millie holloman photography - September blues
IMAGE: Millie Holloman Photography

Pretty feet

Slip on some deep blue sparkling shoes for a quick flash of colour under your dress.

jen lynne photography - September blues
IMAGE: Jen Lynne Photography – Oscar de la Renta shoes

Perfect pairing

Blue and white have always been best friends, so dress your girls in navy and you can not go wrong!

6e54da00cf92764522d7fccf483b3bd2 navy bridesmaids dresses wedding bridesmaids - September blues


Blue sits beautifully alongside any metallic. Gold adds luxury, silver adds a crisp sparkle, copper warms the tone and rose gold softens. Pick any one of these for a gorgeous glint of the fabulous.

66e22291b9dca9912cd1dee8d4909931 - September blues

Perfect place

And whilst we’re on the subject of metallics, soften them up with a complimentary colour for a truly spectacular wedding table.

IMG 0004.jpgoriginal - September blues
IMAGE: Ben Q Photography

Sweet thing

Continue the palette theme into your treats too! Super cute sugar cookies are always welcome at a wedding.

b2cca0fec18dcf5398d46d367041ed0f - September blues

By the sea

If you’re planning an autumnal waterfront wedding, mute your blue tones to fit with the season. Fading and dusky blues are an excellent choice for a slightly less sunshiney seafront.

melanie gabrielle 2 - September blues
IMAGE: Melanie Gabrielle

Want more fabulous colour palette inspiration? Head over to our colours and themes pages.

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