Need To Shed A Few Pounds Before The Wedding?

I have just finished my challenge of the Slim Fast 321 diet plan, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results I achieved. The diet was very easy to follow as you are allowed three snacks, two shakes and one healthy balanced meal.

With the snacks you can pick three snacks a day of the Slim Fast 95 calorie snacks, fruits and/or veggies, or nuts and seeds. I quite liked the snack bars and they helped to keep my metabolism going and helped me to get the energy I needed to get me through the day.

Slim Fast 95 Calorie Snack Bar
Slim Fast 95 Calorie Snack Bar
Slim Fast 95 Calorie Snack
Slim Fast 95 Calorie Snack One Of The Few Savory Snacks

Then you choose two Slim Fast shakes or meal bars. Giving breakfast a break, leaving lunch behind or taking a break from dinner is easier when you can replace them with your choice of Slim Fast shakes and meal bars. My favorite of the whole diet was the chocolate and strawberry shakes. The shakes do not taste like  normal diet shakes, they were very creamy and froffy, I made sure I used a blender to get the best results.

Slim Fast Shakes
Slim Fast Shake One Of The Many Delicious Flavors

Then the balances meals, you can choose a 600 calorie balanced meal per day. The recipes are specifically designed by their nutritionists to provide a choice of delicious-tasting, 600-calorie meals that you can enjoy at home. I found the recipes very easy to follow as you can follow the shopping list to get all the items you need for you weekly shop. I really enjoyed most of the recipes, they were very quick to make, and it was even better that the rest of my family could eat them, so it saved me cooking two meals.

Healthy Balanced Meal
Healthy Balanced Meal

After stepping on the scales this morning I was thrilled to see I lost 2 pounds in one week, although I did feel as if I lost more. I think I will continue for another week to see if I can shed another 2 pounds.

Slim Fast spokesperson Fiona Hunter says, “That some bridesmaids and even female guests feel the stresses of looking good for the event as well as the bride. The wedding season is a time when every woman wants to look good, whether it’s for their big day or for their friend’s – and there are ways to boost your confidence and make you feel good.” 

Individual results will vary. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week.