Summer Destination Weddings: Top Tips

With summer quickly approaching, we thought we would approach some of our favourite fantastic wedding planners, including The Wedding Bliss Thailand and The Italian Wedding Company, for their absolute top tips for the perfect hot summer destination wedding.

We’ve gathered and collated a whole range of amazing tips especially for you, from helping your guests deal with the summer heat in the most fabulous ways possible, to daringly bold colour schemes (Snorkel Blue and Buttercup Yellow, anyone?), as well as scrumptious ideas for the hottest menus for warmer weather, with fancy finger food and mouth-watering fruit.

We hope these brilliant tips inspire you to create your perfect summer wedding without getting too hot and bothered!

Stunning Sea Views & Gorgeous Scenery

One of the most stunning reception venues on Italian seaside! It is a special restaurant in a cave on a cliff overlooking Adriatic sea. We are in Apulia in Polignano a Mare a sweet quaint village of Apulia just by the shores. Apulia region is one of the brand new top destination for wedding in Italy. You can breath the real flair of a wedding by the sea tasting amazing Italian and Apulian traditional food and wines.

Italian Wedding Company
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Italian Wedding Company
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Silvia’s Core Colours

The must Have Color Trend this summer is characterized by intense blues, inspired to the deep waters of the Ocean (Snorkel Blue) and to the sheer limpid tropical waters (Limpet Shell) on one hand and, on the other hand, by vitaminc and vibrant colors such as energetic and vivid tones of yellow and green (Butter Cup and Green Flash) and different nuance of red, bright and soft like Peach Echo and intensified and dark such as Fiesta. Silvia C. Belli

Lilac Grey Mood Board
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The Chicest of Themes

The inspiration starts from the summer and the earth with its warm colours; the location is Lake Garda, surrounded by vineyards and lemon trees. The theme is the olive branch, that will appear on the tables, in the bouquet, and on the tableau mariage, with a touch of lemon yellow that will infuse cheerfulness and energy. Think about a rustic cottage in the countryside, surrounded by green, olive trees everywhere. A bride in a light gown, boho-chic style, and wild flowers. Simplicity, spontaneity and elegance will be the theme of your wedding. More than Weddings 

Summer Destination Wedding Italy

Set the Mood with Mojitos

Wedding menu is one of the most important things when it comes to planning your big day, and even more so important it is to be thoughtful if you plan to tie the knot in summer. As the temperatures hit their maximum, make sure your guests stay refreshed with nice cooling drinks: infused water is a great yummy and aromatic way to hydrate, while summer-inspired light alcoholic mixes like sangria or mojito will set the joyous mood.

Stick to the lighter fare turning attention to seasonal veggies, grilled fish, and fruity desserts. Farm-to-table trend can come in handy if the location allows, and can also set the theme wherever your wedding might be: a European country-side or a tropical island.

Summer Wedding Food
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Wedding Bliss Thailand
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Add a Splash of Colour

Stylish glasses of ice water: If you are thinking of getting married in Portugal, on the beach or in a trendy venue make sure you keep your guests hydrated. Imagine if you would be able to coordinate the water with your wedding colour scheme? Adding pretty slices of lemon or Orange! Create a full service hand-passed ice water service on silver trays, or a more informal approach with a fabulous water station with a D.I.Y Style. You are able to mix it up offering other drink choices! Different out of the box drink options are a lovely way to have the guests interact with your wedding and adding a bit of colour splash to the decor and concept.”

Summer Wedding Drinks
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TFY Weddings
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A Dreamy Summer Vision

Summer is a wonderful time of the year and many engaged couples choose this season to get married to enjoy good weather, to host ceremonies outdoor and be enchanted by all the magnificent colors that nature offers. If you wish to host the perfect summer wedding here five tips that come handy:

  • host ceremonies preferably in late afternoon in order to have receptions in evening and therefore enjoy the best weather;
  • opt for venues by sea, in mountains or by lake.In summer it will be less is luckily to rain
  • choose bright and happy colors for your wedding: yellow, turquoise,pink, orange, emerald green, red, or total white;
  • serve light meals such as finger food, fish, crudités, fruit smoothies, ice cream
  • gift ladies with customised fans.For example fans that have couple’s initials

Visionnaire wedding planner in Italy
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Daniela Gafforelli
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 A Stylish Sicily Soirée


Beach Wedding Italy

Summer is the season to dare with bright colours and contrasts : rose quartz and serenity are the most preferred colours of 2016 . If are a positive ,full of life and adventurous couple, it’s better to choose colours like buttercup yellow, mango, orange : bolder colours that give a touch of exuberant excitement.


Summer is also the warmest season in the year, so you can handle the heat with nice touches: fruit finger food, that are refreshing and colourful ice cold granitas; sunglasses, parasols, flip-flops or fans for your guests, that in addition to easing the heat become stylish accessories.


If you like to be “cool” choose Sicily, one of the hottest and trendiest destination this summer! Its several beaches (from sandy to rocky ones) are the perfect stage for an awesome wedding theme. The old tuna factories that are part of its vibrant historic heritage are the perfect venues for a Summer Wedding

We hope our lovely little collections of tips, ideas, and inspiration will help you create your magical moment in the sun. Don’t forget to check out all of our awesome wedding planners if you’re looking for someone to plan a gorgeous Italian wedding day – oh, and our most important tip: don’t forget your sunscreen!