Summer Wedding Flower Trends

Summer is here and as we know the most popular time for a wedding. Winter has gone, and people are keen to get dressed up and have a good time in the summer sun. This time of year is also the best time for florists, with a myriad of varieties in bloom, meaning that you can choose your wedding flowers from a fantastically bright and vibrant selection.
Every bride has a feeling for their wedding and how they want it to appear. The flowers are no different; they help to tie in all the themes of the day, from the wedding bouquets right down to the flowers on the dining tables. Expert florists will help to keep the theme on track and keep it consistent throughout your special day.
Summer Wedding Flowers
Summer Wedding Roses

Summertime is when the strongest and boldest colours can be put to good use and their power will not be too strong, compared to if they are used at other times of the year. Some blooms are only available during the summer and sourcing them locally means you will get the freshest flowers for your bouquets and arrangements.

Due to the popularity of roses during this time of year, they are often considered as the summer wedding flower. However, there is a much wider range available to the modern bride. A good florist will be invaluable in advising a bride to be on what to choose and how to style them for the big day.
Many brides often use a minimalist approach and choose to only carry a small number of flowers instead of a gargantuan bouquet. That is not to say larger bouquets are without the place and look enchanting when professionally combined with baby’s breath to provide some delicacy.
Summer time is great for daisies which come in a range of sizes and colours, they are bound to suit any occasion.  These flowers were recently used in a well known TV soap to decorate a church. Their beautiful simplicity is perfect for any summer wedding.
Fuschia pink has been the foremost colour in fashion for some time, but citrus colours are set to make an impact this year. Making use of any of these colours for a summer wedding would be fashion forward and inspiring. Picture the yellow or orange flowers in bouquets – perhaps a combination of both. These colours are uplifting for all your guests and help to create a joyous and memorable occasion.