The Beauty Of A Custom Made Gown

Anyone with an eye for fashion would quickly admit that fashion is all about being unique and creative, two factors Dressarte Paris prides itself on.

Dressarte is an online couture service and sustainable clothing brand. Designing all styles of unique clothes using sustainable fabric options. Custom-made clothes are comfortable and offer a morale boost to the wearer, knowing they appear exactly how they pictured themselves.

At one point or another, we all have innately had an idea of a piece of fabric we’ll love to wear and display if only we knew how to make it. Be it wedding gowns, a new outfit for birthdays, outings and even social gatherings. Dressarte Paris is an online service that helps you achieve this dream.

Bespoke wedding dresses

Dressarte  is a virtual atelier that has already created 500+ bespoke wedding dresses for brides from all over the world. These are dress styles born from the creativity of dressmakers and brides. These dresses being custom made to the bride’s imagination, are therefore one of a kind in the world.

Walk with pride knowing you own that style, a unique design for a special occasion. Working with the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Dressarte, with its team of trained Fashion Designers and stylists, your ideas for a beautiful outfit can be quickly made with a short online consultation session.

Custom Bridesmaid Dress

Dressarte custom bridesmaid dress comes in style templates, from which people can choose hundreds of styles to fit their custom bridesmaid dresses.  Explore these designs and colours online before deciding which one to tweak and redesign to your standard; all materials are environmentally friendly. Find out more here.

Outfit for Mother of the Groom/Bride 

It’s as much the day of the bride and groom’s parents as the love bird’s tying the knot.

They must stand out with a design that’s both a touch of the classics and modern style. An appropriate custom-made, the bespoke dress is designed precisely for this purpose.

Yes, even the mother of the bride/groom can stun guests with a unique fashion sense fit and uncommon among their peers. 

Would you like to feel comfortable and elegant at the event? Discover the options or design your garment by filling in the form on the website.

Sustainability Approach

Fashion is sustainable when it is environmentally friendly in the materials being used.

Originally sourced and implemented from natural biodegradable materials, Dressarte clothes are highly environmentally friendly. Not so friendly in price, but all in all a worthy venture. The idea of moving from thought to product is a road riddled with the possibility of error. True sustainability also considers the client.

Custom Approach

Customization of outfits is done online with the guidance of experienced stylists. Measurements, desired features and styling are crucial factors to be considered and modelled before the final phase of the entire process.

To sum it up, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and special occasion garments are often in high demand, with good money being paid to customize to one’s taste. After all, who doesn’t want to look unique from the rest? Dressarte will bring your vision to life. Services like customization of wears, and the like, are bound to leave a positive first impression as they satisfy the desire of many.