The Best Brides Speech

As the traditional speeches of the best man, groom, and of course the father of the bride, why not say a few words your self?

Advise for Brides who would like to make a speech.

If you want to say a few words, it is best to go after your husband. This is a popular addition to the modern wedding in America if you feel comfortable with public speaking then why not. Generally stick to similar lines as the groom, thank everyone for attending, especially close friends and people who have traveled a long way and to those people who have helped keep your stress levels down when preparing for the wedding.

blankThis is also the time to say special words about your parents, how your mum has helped with the wedding, how supportive your dad has been etc. If you wish you could also speak about your new husband, and how you met for instance and add a personal message about your marriage and what he means to you, and end your speech with a toast to your guests.