Visit The A-­list Address At The Cannes International Film Festival

Cannes International Film Festival: Baron Philippe de Rothschild, historic supplier to the Cannes International Film Festival, announces the reopening of the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar The Mouton Cadet Wine Bar: the A-­list address.


As the Cannes Film Festival is approaching, we are pleased to announce the reopening of the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar at the forthcoming Festival (15/26 may). For the third year running, international celebrities will meet at the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar to share exceptional moments.

Facing the sea, on the Festival Palace rooftop, the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar will be the most exclusive venue on the Croisette this year again. Offering panoramic views and unrivaled features in Cannes, the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar brings together the greatest stars to enjoy its wines.


Both a luxurious terrace apartment and confidential observatory, the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar is the perfect intimate location in which to welcome actors, producers and directors.

A temporary private location which, with its refined decoration and original layout is a hospitable and elegant place to receive lovers of fine wines. Robert de Niro, Jude Law, Clive Owen, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Bruce Willis and Matthew McConaughey but also Kristen Stewart, Faye Dunaway, Jessica Chastain and all the members of the jury have thus enjoyed the French art of hospitality.