The Importance Of The Royal Wedding

As a little girl I always dreamed I would marry a prince in an enormous castle to fanfare and thousands of guests.  When my husband proposed in 1999 I realised that whilst I may have found my Prince, I was never going to be a Princess.

It didn’t stop me thinking back to my nearly 5-year-old self-watching in awe as Diana Spencer achieved the fairy tale ending and became a Princess.  Her dress, the parade, that kiss on the balcony and the whole pomp ‘n’ circumstance of it all was fascinating and has stayed with me all these years.Luxury Wedding Dresses

The announcement confirming Prince Williams nuptials set my adrenaline pumping again…the World is about to watch a Princess be born.  As a wedding planner, I am intrigued with every detail of the wedding, analysing the decisions that they make and why.

Whilst Kate hasn’t hired an official wedding planner herself she has a whole team of advisers and consultants around her who are helping to guide and support her through the process much as a wedding planner would.  It’s great to see Kate making her own decisions and adding touches that really matter to them as a couple, such as the numerous invites to their University friends and the fabulous McVities Chocolate Biscuit Cake.

At I Do Designer Weddings we make every little detail reflect the personalities of our couples so that the whole wedding feels like it is related to the people involved and isn’t just like every other wedding.

I am delighted that Kate has chosen to keep her dress a big secret; we should be blown away by it on the day.  I picture a fairly elaborate gown with a touch of lace and a large train, not quite to Princess Di’s standards, but enough to show that this is the dress of a Princess and future Queen.

I love that the reception has been split into two sections, allowing a more sombre celebration for 600 guests to be hosted by the Queen and then a more intimate dinner for 300 hosted by HRH Prince Charles.  Although I would feel pained to turn 300 guests away half way through a wedding, I guess when you have been invited to a Royal Wedding, you are happy to attend whatever little bit you can.

Kate is clearly enjoying planning her big day and delighting in every decision like any other bride.  I hear that she has given up her job at Party Pieces to focus on the wedding and prepare for a Royal career.  There has been much speculation as to whether this means that we will soon be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet…possibly, but the reality of planning an average wedding is overwhelming, let alone a Royal Wedding.  I think it would have been impossible for her to retain her position.

Prince William and Kate have the opportunity to restore the publics’ faith in Royal Marriage, I feel certain that they are a match made in heaven and I welcome her into our Royal Family with open arms and a hopeful heart. Luxury Weddings

When I hear people rejoicing about a day off of work with no interest in the wedding it upsets me.  Our Monarchy are welcoming a new Princess, we should be proud and excited.  Street parties and fun are what it is all about, the union of a Prince with his Princess, the union of a nation.

A Royal Wedding in itself is like no other, but the wedding of our future King and Queen is something else altogether.  I cannot wait to watch it for myself; but more importantly, I cannot wait to watch my nearly 5-year-old daughter as she sits wistfully watching Kate turn into a Princess, unknowingly planning and plotting her own wedding in 20 years’ time.

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By Nikki Foster at I Do Designer Weddings