The Scent Of Provence Wedding Dress Collection – Riki Dalal

The designer Riki Dalal, launch another collection of especially impressive wedding dresses. In this collection, the international designer presents sexy and light wedding dresses, along with romantic models with touches of vintage, yet still maintain a contemporary chic look.

Riki Dalal

These days, Dalal releases another collection, this time inspired by Provence. This time, the dresses are especially light and comfortable, but keep the prestigious and romantic feeling with small touches of vintage.

Riki Dalal

Chiffon dresses decorated with handmade lace, crocheted lace, and a combination of pearl decorations and high and tight skirts flattering the female figure, special tops built from rich laces and more special elements that connect past and present times.

Riki Dalal Designer Wedding Gowns

In this collection you can find light and playful dresses alongside more conservative dresses that Dalal managed to design so that they will be modest and yet chic and trendy.

Riki Dalal Wedding Gowns

Dalal managed to translate her muse into several element in her new designs.

Designer Wedding Dresses

Among the most prominent models, you can get an impression by the light and playful dresses, one of which includes a luxurious laser-cut lace top with an exposed belly and a flattering skirt with a deep cut along its length.

Riki Dalal

Another model is a surprising wedding dress with a wide overall underneath and a rich lace top with an open back decorated with luxurious stones that were handmade inlay.

Luxury Wedding Dresses

In addition, this year you can find dresses that include long trails with impressive back décolletage, among them you can find a wedding dress in a mermaid figure, with a long 3 meters trail.

Riki Dalal Wedding Dresses

In terms of fabrics, Dalal chose to design this collection with soft, gently caressing materials, combined with rich laces from all over the world. Some of Dalal’s fabrics are handmade especially for her in the highest quality with attention to the smallest details.

Riki Dalal

Among the luxurious lace, the designer Riki Dalal uses chiffon fabrics that give a dimension of height and complete the lightness feeling and the romantic and gentle look. An added value to Riki Dalal’s dresses is the work technique that is based on body shapers and leotards that allow creating deep back décolletage.

Riki Dalal

Dalal engages in wedding and evening dresses designs for 40 years already. “I always loved dealing with fashion. My mother worked as a tailor and since I was a child I loved playing with fabric and scissors, advise my relatives what to wear and how to upgrade the clothing.

Riki Dalal 2014 Dress Collection

At the age of 17 I designed the wedding dress of my best friend, which was my first dress”. Ever since, the hobby she loved so much became a profession. Today, her dresses are sold in many exclusive boutiques around the world.