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Top 10 Tips For Organising A Hen Party

Hen Do Ideas


 Top 10 Tips For Organising A Hen Weekend: Organising a hen party is often a tricky business, especially if the hens do not know each other beforehand. Whether you are organising it yourself or using a company to organise it, we at The Hen Party PA have put together our top 10 tips to help you through;

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1. Do discuss with your bride to be who to invite to the hen party, no one wants and an Eastenders-esque showdown at the wedding because someone wasn’t included.

2. Money makes things awkward, so whether you’re planning to spend £50 or £500 a head, make sure you set a budget before you start planning.

3. Do get in touch with everyone one personally if you’re organising the hen. Even just a quick email can make everyone feel included. It’s also a great way to get an idea of people’s budgets and anything they’re keen to include early on.

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4. Don’t get pushy. It’s a lot to organise but no one likes being hassled. Instead, set deadlines for everyone to respond in advance and if they don’t reply, then follow them up.

5. Do think about including the bride in your planning. You don’t have to tell her everything, but making sure she’s not expecting a massive night out in London when you’ve booked a spa break, might be a good idea.

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6. Don’t forget the little touches to make it special, photos from school or notes from everyone on the hen, personalised favours or a gift for the bride like a dressing gown with her new name embroidered, can all go towards making it a hen to remember.

7. Do give yourself as much time as possible to organise. Things get booked up fast and if you think ahead it will make things much more relaxing.

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8. Whether someone is organising it for you, or you are doing it yourself, don’t be afraid to delegate!

9. The best way to get everyone excited is to keep them in the know. Do make sure everyone knows where they are going, what they’re bringing and that everyone has paid beforehand, so you can just concentrate on having a good time.

10. Don’t forget, even if it rains, someone twists their ankle or you drop the pudding on the floor, a hen party is all about celebrating your hen’s last taste of freedom, and with all her girls around her and a glass of champagne you can’t NOT have fun!

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