Top 15 UK Wedding Planners

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
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It’s the happiest time of your life, you and your partner are preparing to celebrate your love in a holy union surrounded by family and friends. Although wedding planning sounds like an exciting process, we can kindly say it can be very stressful and time-consuming.

That is when wedding planners will become your best friends. Wedding planners will work as your left hand, you will explain how you imagine the wedding of your dreams and they will bring your fantasies to life. But it can be tricky to find the perfect wedding planner that will suit your taste and needs.

Lucky for you, we have gathered the top best wedding planners to help lighten up the planning process and make the organizing easier and more enjoyable.

  1. Mark Niemierko
Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Mark Miemierko

He is an absolute gem when it comes to wedding planning and is considered the #1 best wedding planner in the country! He has worked as a planner for James Corden, Julia Carey and Marvin Humes while organizing weddings at some of the most notable venues such as the Kensington Palace, the glamorous Savoy Hotel, and the timeless Cliveden House.

2. Bruce Russell

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Bruce Russell

Bruce is a world-class wedding designer, he had previously won the prestigious award of the “Best Wedding Planner” in 2018 by ELLE International Bridal Awards and he was awarded the “Best Wedding Planner” by the Harper’s Bazaar US. His wedding designs are dreamy and unique at some of the most glamorous, high-end locations such as The Plaza Hotel and London’s Savoy Hotel. One thing is certain, Russel will exceed all your expectations and created the ideal wedding you have always imagined.

3. Jacqueline Kennedy

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Top 15 UK Wedding Planners

At Jacqueline Kennedy, couples receive a bespoke planning experience and the clients receive a personalized service that will fit their needs and standards. Their weddings have been characterized by their outstanding focus on detail and immense dedication to perfecting each wedding and to amount to every couple’s goals.

4. Love Lydia Weddings

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Love Lydia Weddings

Lydia is an exceptional wedding planner, having worked for many years in London, she put her organization and planning skills into wedding planning for her friends and family and has since made herself known throughout the UK as one of the best wedding planners in the country. The Love Lydia team pride themselves on their ability to plan luxurious and sophisticated weddings and some of the most elegant wedding location in London such as the Brocket Hall and the Middle Temple.

5. Cranberry Blue

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Cranberry Blue

Cranberry Blue is known for its unique take on weddings and attention to detail. Having built their reputation as one of the leading event planners in London and with over 15 years of experience, the Cranberry Blue has arranged some of the more glamorous and luxurious weddings at some of London’s finest locations such as Blenheim Palace, Claridges, and The Mandarin Oriental.

6. Scarlet Events

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Scarlet Events

At the Scarlet Events, you are guaranteed to have luxurious and unforgettable results. Whether is it for an intimate and romantic wedding or an opulent celebration, Scarlet Events have organized some of the biggest weddings in the UK at some of the greatest locations such as The Ritz, Kensington Palace, The Natural History Museum, and The Savoy.

7. Snapdragon

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Snapdragon Parities

The Snapdragon has been awarded by Vogue and Tatler for their leading and innovative wedding planning. Along with their professionalism and attention to detail, Snapdragon has planned weddings and celebrations for celebrities, A-listers, and Royals! It is by no surprise that Snapdragon is leading the top list of wedding planners in the UK.

8. Siobhan Craven Robins

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Siobhan Craven Robins

Siobhan is one of the UK’s most lavish and established wedding coordinators. Her stunning weddings have been featured in Hello, OK! Magazine and has some of the most famous clients such as Joan Collins, Barbara Windsor, Greg Kinner, and many more.

9. Elegante by Michelle J

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Elegante by Michelle J

At the Elegante by Michelle J, their mission is to always create the most magical and memorable weddings. They are passionate about wedding planning, design and have meticulous attention to detail along with a creative flair. Choosing Elegante by Michelle J will live up to your expectations and go beyond your wildest dreams.

10. Dale Alexander Events

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Dale Alexander Events

Although Dale Alexander events are located in Cheshire, their luxurious weddings and celebrations take place throughout the UK. Dale is an exceptional wedding planner who offers full planning, guidance, and coordinating assistance on your big day. His biggest aim is to create the most glamorous wedding celebrations and take the stress away from the couple.


Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Aimee Dunne

Aimee Dunne specializes in planning luxury weddings across the UK, Europe, and Internationally. Their goal is to create the perfect wedding celebrations and make each couple’s special day the most memorable for the newlyweds and their guests.

12. Planned For Perfection

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Planned For Perfection

Based in London & the beautiful Cotswolds, the Planned for Perfection team offers couples a unique wedding planning experience, nationally and internationally. Their weddings are designed to surprise and delight guests, whilst creating the wedding of your dreams. The planning journey has your individuality at the heart of everything they do and your celebration is as unique as you are.

13. EBP Weddings

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
EBP Weddings

EBP Weddings has a reputation for their opulent and extravagant weddings and has unmatched attention to detail. With their immense talent, they have been awarded as the best event planning and design boutique in  London. If you choose EBP Weddings, you are bound to experience the wedding you have always desired.

14. Jemma-Jade Events

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
Jemma-Jade Events

Jemma –Jade Events have a unique and fun approach to party planning. Along with a strong background in understanding and experience in business, they have one motto when planning your special day. ‘Everything you can imagine is real and how wonderful that sounds, at Jemma-Jade Events you are guaranteed to have all of your fantasies for your big day, come true.

15. La Fete

Top 15 UK Wedding Planners
La Fete

La Fete is a passionate wedding planner with outstanding service design and coordination as they strive to provide the utmost in their service and to give their clients the best results. At La Fete you will receive full assistance on the day and enjoy a glamorous and stress-free wedding reception.

Enjoy your big day stress-free and relaxed, surrounded by your loved ones. Show up to the venue with confidence and prepare to have the time of your life and create the most memorable moments. We hope the list helped guide you towards the best options in order to achieve a peaceful and glamorous wedding day!