Top 5 Best Places to Get Married in Italy

The most popular overseas wedding destinations

Top 5 Best Places to Get Married in Italy: Italy is one of the most popular overseas wedding destinations for couples from the UK, the US and Ireland. Every region in Italy has its own breathtakingly romantic locations, and you cannot fail to find one to suit you. But what is getting married in Italy like, and why is it such a wonderful experience?

Considered by many to be the most romantic country in the world, Italy combines beauty, culture and elegance like no place on Earth. Its varied landscapes and traditions allow for a vast array of choices for your wedding.

Top 5 Best Places to Get Married in Italy
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According to brides requests, these are 5 top location to have a wedding in Italy:


Imagine yourself immersed in the fragrance of fresh lemons gently warmed by the sun, imagine pretty towns clinging to the sides of cliffs as if carved there, with the sparkling blue of the Mediterranean below. If you think this sounds good, then the Amalfi coast is perfect for you. One of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, it has plenty to offer any loved up couple.

There are numerous top class hotels and most elegant, beautiful villas to be found on the Amalfi coast, each of them with stunning sea views…anyway, in such fascinating surroundings whatever you choose is bound to make for a perfect wedding location.


Tuscany is a land of rolling green hills, stunning cities including Florence, Siena and Pisa and rich red wine produced in the bountiful vineyards across the region. One of Italy’s best known regions, Tuscany is the perfect destination for a wedding immersed in natural beauty, culture and cuisine.

The villas and castles in and around the region are wonderful venues for wedding receptions of all kinds, providing an elegant and tranquil atmosphere in one of the most famous cities in Europe.


Venice, known by many as the most romantic city in the world, is beautiful and complex, enchanting all those who visit it. As a wedding or honeymoon destination it is everything it promises and more. From the ornate bridges and cobbled footpaths, to gliding gondolas and boutique restaurants, the very air of this beautiful and very unique city is redolent with love and romance.

Wedding in Venice
Wedding in Venice

For a wedding to remember forever or a luxury break in this most romantic of cities, hotels offer all of the beauty, services and touches of class to make your stay unforgettable.


Apulia is a beautiful area of Italy, almost unknown to tourism from overseas. Full of beautiful sandy beaches and quaint little towns perched on cliffs plunging into the glittering blue of the Mediterranean, and riddled with some of the most beautiful caves and grottoes known to man it is a fascinating place for a wedding or honeymoon.

Hotels and country houses in Apulia are all stunningly beautiful establishments offering excellent service in spectacular surroundings, so why not choose one to make your big day or your honeymoon extra special…


Sicily is an island of extreme contrasts, rich in history, culture and life, with beautiful cities, beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters and ancient villages which appear untouched by the passage of time. Sicily is a mix of landscapes, cultures and styles to take your breath away.

The beautiful villas and castles of Sicily are true fairytale wedding venues, situated on one of the most fascinating islands in the Mediterranean – what better place for your dream wedding day?

Stunning locations, great food and wine, good weather and friendly people – what better place to get married than Italy? You will take away the most amazing memories from an Italian wedding, as will your guests who will be forever grateful to you for such a wonderful experience.

You don’t know what kind of wedding you want. Dream Wedding Italy will still almost certainly have the right venue, the right location, the right style wedding for you!

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