Top 5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding In Italy

Luna Rosa are leading planners for weddings in Italy, offering the specialist knowledge and passion for weddings to create your perfect bespoke event. Luna Rosa gave some great advice for our 5 Star Weddings Brides.

1. When considering the date of your wedding, think which region in Italy you would like. For couples who want to marry in southern Italy, May and October are really good months to consider as you are still likely to have excellent weather and costs may well be lower for you and your guests than at the height of the summer. However, if you want to marry in the north of the country, we usually recommend that you choose a date between June and September in order to avoid that great nemesis of all weddings – rain!

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2.  Do your research about the legal requirements for your wedding early. You may already be aware that to marry in Italy you need to present a certificate of no impediment (the Nulla Osta) to the local town hall. The problem is that different town halls have quite different requirements about how and when they want to receive this vital paperwork – these local requirements are crucially important as applications made incorrectly, too early or too late will invalidate the certificate, in which case your wedding can’t proceed. Italian churches pose similar difficulties by having inconsistent requirements. The information you need in this area can be difficult to find, so we recommend contacting a planner specialising in Italy who can ensure that all these legal requirements will be in place.

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3. We find that the personalised wedding websites we offer are very popular with our clients – websites are now fashionable for all styles of wedding, but destination weddings are where they really come into their own. You can put all the information relating to the many questions you are sure to have from your guests along with information on the venue, accommodation, flights, what to wear etc. in one location. A small investment in a website can be valuable for the time it will save you in fielding the same questions repeatedly in the run up to your wedding.

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4. Think carefully about the accommodation available to your guests when choosing your venue. Found your dream luxury venue? Fantastic. Block booked it for your party then discovered your guests think it’s far too expensive? Not so great. If you’re not in the fortunate position of being able to pay for your guests’ accommodation, think, is your chosen venue going to be affordable for most guests? Is hiring out all a venue’s rooms your best option, or would your guests prefer to choose where they stay? If you are want to stay in a small villa that only holds a few of your guests, is there plenty of quality alternative accommodation in the local area?  No one wants their special day to become an object of resentment, so keep in mind that going out to Italy is a huge undertaking for your guests and consider their comfort and different budgets when making your arrangements.

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5.  A lovely idea that many of our couples use is providing a welcome dinner for their guests the evening before the ceremony. It’s a chance for everybody to do some much-needed unwinding from their travel and to get together before the ceremony – an opportunity which otherwise can get missed in the rush of preparing for the day ahead. If you are having a formal meal for your reception, a welcome barbeque (accompanied by lots of local wine, naturally) is a fun way to relax, or perhaps you could take the chance tovisit a popular restaurant in the nearest town to give your guests some local flavour. We recommend an event like this to set a warm and relaxed tone to your proceedings before the big day!

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