Celebrity Menswear Designer Tells Us What’s Hot In 2011

Charlie Allen is one of London’s premier tailors with over 25 years’ experience in menswear and design. Having dressed some of the UK’s most distinguished gentleman, 5 Star Weddings gets some insider knowledge from the man himself, on how to be a stylish groom whatever the budget

Luxury Wedding Suits
Charlie Allen and Freddy Flintoff

Charlie Allen: The trend is moving towards more formal three piece suits with matching waistcoats, brightly coloured linings and accessories.

5 Star Weddings: Everybody concentrates on the bride and her dress, what is your advise for the groom?

Charlie Allen: To be classically smart and coordinate and blend in with the bride as it is she should be the shining star.

5 Star Weddings: What would you suggest a groom picks to wear on his wedding day?

Charlie Allen: A beautifully cut bespoke suit that matches the quality of the bride’s dress.

5 Star Weddings: Which celebrities have you dressed for their weddings?

Charlie Allen: Freddie Flintoff, Ed O’ Brien (Radiohead)

5 Star Weddings: What do you think is the best time of the day for a wedding and what should a groom choose to wear?

Charlie Allen: Midday. Just enough time to recover from the night before , not too long before food and drink at the reception and still leave time to dance until midnight. (12 hours, enough fun!)

5 Star Weddings: Morning Suit, Black Tie or just an ordinary suit – which is the best option?

Charlie Allen: It depends on the budget. But in that order if you can afford it. Morning suit, then evening suit, then classy bespoke and budget option is classic dark suit and gorgeous tie (for all the men).

5 Star Weddings: How long does it take for you to design and make a suit?

Charlie Allen: From first consultation to finished suit normally takes 12 weeks. First is concept, design and measurements. Then, choice of style, colour, cloth, lining, through to several fittings to ensure perfection.

5 Star Weddings: Are grooms anxious about their dress sense prior to the wedding?

Charlie Allen: Of course! Some are very particular about the look they want and others keen to be advised on every detail. Either way they are all anxious to get it right.

5 Star Weddings: Have you ever had to deal with groomzillas?

Charlie Allen: If they were groomzillas? when they came in by the time they are dressed they are every inch the gentleman.

5 Star Weddings: Please let us know if you offer a specialist groom and groomsmen package?

As bespoke tailors our service is already specialised to the individual and their requirements but we do believe we can ‘tailor’ a package to suit all grooms and their groomsmen.

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