Top 10 Photographers to Follow on Instagram – Part 1

Instagram is responsible for making everyone think they’re a photographer. It’s the app that can – with a quick reframe, tactical cropping, and a pretty filter – make even the most inadequate photos look appealing. But when you see what real, professional photographers are achieving with the medium, you realise we’re all just playing for second with our high contrast photos of mocha lattes and blurry sunsets…

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, searching for a wedding photographer, or just enjoy looking at pretty things, there’s so much joy to be had in following professional photographers on Instagram. We’ve done some research and come up with the ten wedding photographers, world wide, who you really need to follow. Today we’re featuring photographers from Queenstown, New Zealand, San Francisco, U.S.A, and Sydney, Australia. Check back tomorrow for part 2 of our Top Ten Photographers to Follow on Instagram

1. Alpine Image Company – @alpineimageco, Queenstown New Zealand

Alpine Image Co. make the most of New Zealand’s magnificent landscape, incorporating their subject beautifully into the surrounding habitat.

  1. @quebonitaphotography, San Francisco Bay Area

This sunny California photographer’s skill is capturing emotion in her subject’s faces…

  1. James Frost – @frostyphoto, Sydney

Born in Cornwall but relocated to Sydney, Frost’s portfolio shows him to be extremely well travelled, with a penchant for jaw-droppingly beautiful shoot locations. James’ photos stand out for symmetrical and pleasing composition.