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Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016


‘That Takes the Cake!’

The Top 2016 Wedding Cake Trends

Outside of your outfit, what’s the one thing that makes the biggest statement at your wedding? Your cake, of course! This year’s wedding cake trends are all about being loud, expressive, and gorgeous. From dress-resembling desserts to two-toned tiers, here are the top wedding cake trends you need to know about in 2016.

Metallic Wedding Cakes

Metal is in this year for weddings. It’s in the invitations, the shoes, and even the cakes. Cake designers are going for glamorous, show-stopping golds and silvers in 2016. From flat metallic tiers to metallic design on bold colours, this trend is everywhere in multiple forms.

Ophelia sml 857x1201 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
The Abigail Bloom Cake Company Ophelia
scattercakes 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Gallery Ikat 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Panache Cake Design

The Ophelia cake by The Abigail Bloom Cake Company takes this trend to a stunning extreme with 3 tiers of full gold leaf. If you opt for a cake like this, remember to break it up with something, like Abigail Bloom does with the white sugar flowers. Without these flowers, the metallic texture would have nothing to stand out against.  Scattercake, on the other hand, uses minimal gold. This Queen of the Nile cake looks like a palace, with a mixture of golden dotting and ribbon. Panache Cake Design achieve metallic excellence with a flat, geometric design drawn onto a sleek black cake. This Art Deco style effect is both understated and elegant.

Naked Wedding Cakes

Like the metallic cake trend, naked wedding cakes are bold and brazen. Unlike the metallic cakes, these naked cakes achieve that by taking something away from the cake instead of adding something new. The “naked” part of the name comes from the fact that these cakes are un-iced. The golden cake and soft filling inside are exposed, making your mouth water at the thought of biting in.

CelineChaplinBohoBridalShoot094 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Naked doesn’t need to mean completely bare.  As Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium shows us, a naked cake can come with a powdering of sugar or a light drizzle of icing. All that matters is that some of the cake underneath can be seen. As for decoration, try flowers on a summer cake and fruits on a winter cake.

Lace Wedding Cakes

If you’ve seen this year’s wedding shoe or bridal gown trends, you’ll know that everyone’s mad for lace. Decorators are bringing the trend to the cake market too, with intricately designed, lace patterned tiers. If you’re all about consistency, you can even have the design created to replicate the lace pattern on your own dress.

Sweet Cheeks Bakehouse 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Lace Wedding Cakes
SriCakeblackWedding 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Sari Cakes

As you can see from the Lace Couture cake from The Enchanting Cake Company, this design works best with light, low-contrast colours. Try white lace on a pastel hue like duck egg, magnolia, or lilac. The addition of a silver brooch on this cake is a perfect example of how the cake can be made to look like the outfit. The Ivory Shimmer and Lace cake from Sweet Cheeks Bakehouse uses minimal lace over a metallic background. This cake also resembles a dress, from neckline to bodice to skirt. If you like the lace effect but you’re looking for a more bold cake, check out Sari Cakes. Their henna-inspired designs are similar to the intricacy of lace, and the designs look great in bright contrasting colours.

Ruffled Wedding Cakes

Lace isn’t the only fabric style being remade in cake form this year. 2016 also sees the rise of ruffled wedding cakes, resembling the soft, flowing pleats of many bridal gowns. Ruffles make the cake look lighter than air – so light, in fact, that you probably won’t feel guilty eating it! There are numerous ways ruffles can be incorporated onto the cake: vertically, horizontally, in uniform lines, or haphazardly.

Cakes By Yevnig 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Cakes By Yevnig
IMG 5062 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Etoile Bakery
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The Unique Cakes by Yevnig portfolio has plenty of examples of this trend. The Champagne Birdcage cake features a mass of ruffles on the bottom tier, giving a renaissance ball feel. The Madeline cake opts for an entired cake of layered ruffles in a style that is both put-together and wonderfully unkempt. Etoile Bakery exemplifies how this style can be made to resemble wedding dresses with the dense floral ruffles on their Ruffle Wedding Dress Cake

Bouquet Wedding Cakes

Whether they’re fresh or made from sugar, flowers have always been a big player in the wedding cake game. 2016 is no exception. This year’s flowers are displayed in a bouquet style, clustered together for maximum impact. Colourful bouquets add the perfect “pop” to classic white and ivory cakes, while white flower clusters can break up a bright coloured cake perfectly.

1058Monali Shailen 11.08 764x1024 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Pretty Gorgeous Cake Company
fiorella 2 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Bellissimo Cakes

Take a look at the Zara cake by Pretty Gorgeous Cake Company for a well-done example of this trend. The full, voluminous circles of flowers turn an ordinary white cake into something beautiful. The Fiorella cake from Bellissimo Cakes dresses up a white base in a similar way, using around half a dozen scattered bunches of flowers.

Rosette Wedding Cakes

The rosette wedding cake trend also capitalises on everyone’s love of flowers. However, instead of carefully placed bunches, rosette cakes feature sugar roses all over. The result is a striking, elegant effect that looks too good to eat. Well, almost!

Elizabeths Cake Emporium 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Rosette Wedding Cakes

Le Papillon Patisserie‘s White Chocolate Cherubim cake is covered in white chocolate rosettes and an antique gold dusting. It looks closer to an actual bouquet than a dessert. The floral pyramid cake from Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium adds butterflies to the mix. This adds an extra dimension to what would ordinarily be a repetitive design. Notice how the rosettes cover the whole cake rather than just one tier. If you only have rosettes on one level of the cake, it can be hard to avoid overshadowing the rest of the tiers.

Ombré Wedding Cakes

Ombré, ombré, ombré. It’s been everywhere in hair and fashion over the last few years, from dip-dyed locks to multi-toned stockings. Now it’s finally coming to wedding cake market. There’s something mind-blowing about ombré that will leave your guests wondering how on earth the cake designer achieved such an effect. You can use multiple shades of 1 colour, or blend multiple different colours into each other.

tumblr o4e4mgdxOZ1qfejcco1 1280 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Rosalind Miller Cakes
Ombre Wedding Cakes 1 - Top Wedding Cake Trends 2016
Ombre Wedding Cakes

The most obvious choice here is a cake that is ombré from top to bottom, but that’s not the only way to interpret this trend. Take the Ombré Rose cake by Rosalind Miller Wedding Cakes, for example. She combines this trend with the rosette trend to create a cake that’s pretty enough for a princess. Rosalind Miller shows us that ombré is powerful enough to make even a 1-tier cake eye-catching. Another unexpected way to incorporate ombré is in specific elements of the cake. Take Anna Cake Couture‘s ombré flower, for example, which spreads from a deep pink core to light pink outer petals. Ombré can also be achieved through blocks of colour rather than a blended, seamless effect. The Peacock Panache cake by Lindy’s Cakes uses colour-blocked ombré blue to make their feather design stand out.

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