Traditional Indian Wedding Set In Umbria Italy

Today we feature a fabulous Indian wedding set in Umbria in Italy written by Paolo Cicognani Weddings & Event and the beautiful photography is by Studio Bonon.

Traditional Indian Wedding Set In Umbria Italy

When suggesting a photography studio to a client, it is mandatory to always present the best possible choices, for two reasons: first, working with a great photographic studio is the only way to provide a couple with a perfect set of beautiful memories of their most special day and second, those pictures are the best possible testimony of the quality of our work. The secret in choosing the right photography studio (but this is true for so many other matters) is only one: choose the best storytellers!


A perfect example of good wedding photography are the pictures shown in this article, taken by the team of photographers of Studio Bonon. Over the years, the team led by Massimo Bonon has become a guarantee for high quality work, real story tellers able to narrate your wedding experience with a flawless reportage style.

An example of what I’m saying could certainly be Pia and Cecco’s wedding in Umbria in 2014: an epic Indian-style wedding, set in the exclusive Castle of Solfagnano, what an amazing mix!


The marriage lasted three days, like in the Indian tradition, a triumph of colors and glamour that like all Indian ceremonies contemplated very particular and quaint religious rituals. One of the most curious and fascinating ones is the Mehndi Ritual: a party, often held the day before the wedding at the bride’s residence, where a friend, a relative or an expert, draws, with henna paste, elaborate patterns and art on the feet and hands of the bride. According to tradition, the darker the color of the patterns, the deeper will be the love that binds the couple.

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Now just look at the pictures of this article, no matter how beautiful the wedding and no matter how good the result, without the stunning photos taken by Studio Bonons photographers, it would’ve never been able to show you the happiness of Cecco and Pia…