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2012, a memorable year for Britain, all eyes will be on us, a great way to shine, showing off becomes admirable, our hosting abilities are put to the test, and we intend to make the best of the opportunity. Expert planning is at the core, and a cool calm head is needed to succeed.

Of course we are referring to the Olympic Games but the same essentials can be applied to the planning of a wedding or indeed, any other successful gathering.


Ruby with Roses have found that this year’s trade has started in earnest, hardly had the Christmas decorations been discarded, when enquiries from all areas came flooding in. This shows that hiring vintage ware is still a practical way to ensure that the most elegant and truly glamorous way to dress tables is to use the very best English Vintage china.

Varied colours, shapes and patterns cannot fail to impress, the delicate nature of the china blends in beautifully with all decors and adds the extra special and individual touch which is so admired.

Ruby with Roses are committed to withstanding their track record on a reliable and helpful service and are more than happy to give any advice needed. So if you have a wedding in view – on your marks get ready and go for gold!

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