A Vintage Orchestra, At Your Wedding?

We’ve all seen Hollywood films and celebrity weddings where guests enjoy luxurious venues in the sun, flowers galore, a banquet fit for a king and his queen, along with a live orchestra, leaving us thinking…ah, wouldn’t it be nice…

Don’t despair, because now it seems you can have one affordable luxury – a live vintage orchestra!

Wedding entertainement
Tom Bott’s High Society Orchestra

Posh frocks, elegant gents in their white ties and tails, along with music from a time when Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra would sweep the dance floor in style, Tom Bott’s High Society Orchestra creates an atmosphere normally associated with the guests of ‘High Society’, Tea at the Ritz and most likely a Royal wedding. The look and feel of this elegant entertainment is rather vintage, which does seem to be going through a revival at the moment, especially when it comes to wedding themes.

Tom Bott, a professional violinist from Wiltshire, directs the High Society Orchestra offering unique live music in London and throughout the UK for events and special celebrations.

He inherited a library of light orchestral sheet music from his Grandfather Bernard Bott, who directed his own orchestra primarily throughout the 1950’s and 60’s.
Tom, together with fellow musicians who perform with some of the UK’s leading orchestras, has rebranded his Grandfathers’ orchestra to create a nostalgic and unique experience for people to enjoy at all kinds of events.

Tom explains; “Live music can make or break the success of an event. We work closely with clients, carefully planning repertoire to suit each event, from suitable music to listen to with a glass of bubbly, to pieces that will have your feet tapping, singing along and even persuading guests onto the dance floor”

For more details visit Tom Botts High Society Orchestra.